Farrah Abraham Loses It On Season Finale Of ‘Teen Mom OG’

Farrah Abraham has been a handful on Teen Mom OG this season. Before it even began airing in January, MTV promoted several scenes where Abraham was acting out. Fans have been waiting to see her confrontation with the producer, and it is finally going to happen. This scene was talked about a lot, with Abraham getting harsh criticism for how she treated the MTV staff. In fact, Abraham made the entire Teen Mom OG staff follow very specific rules while in her home. There was a portable bathroom placed on her property for the staff to use because Abraham would not offer up her bathroom to them.

As it turns out, Farrah Abraham wanted to film another reality television show. When she approached MTV about doing it, the producers told her it was too close to Teen Mom OG, and would be a conflict of interest. There was speculation that it was going to be Family Therapy, which will air on VH1 in just a few weeks. According to Us Weekly, Farrah Abraham lashed out at Larry Musnik. She went on to call him “white trash” and say other vile things while arguing about the show. Abraham was throwing a tantrum about doing therapy with her mom being completely different than her life on Teen Mom OG. MTV won the battle, as Abraham did not film the show Family Therapy.

The entire season of Teen Mom OG has been a rollercoaster for Farrah Abraham. The season finale will be two hours, and will show some of the most major events fans have been waiting on. Abraham and the fight with the producer has been circulating for weeks, and finally it will be shown. The other Teen Mom OG stars weighed in on the footage during an after show, and they were not fond of the way Abraham treated Larry Musnik. Catelynn Baltierra was very vocal about it, having a lot to say about her disapproval. The others agreed that Abraham’s rules for the staff were absurd as they all give them full access to their homes while filming.

Last week, Farrah Abraham seemed to reconcile with Simon Saran. While everything was going well, Abraham’s mother, Debra Danielsen, overstepped some boundaries when she talked to him alone. According to In Touch Weekly, Farrah Abraham’s boyfriend was grilled by her mother. In fact, the conversation gave way to a war of words on social media, complete with Saran posting Danielsen’s mug shot. Abraham likely was not happy about how it all went down, but it appears that she is still on good terms with her mother. The two recently did an event to help promote their new line of products.

A lot has changed since Farrah Abraham began taping this season of Teen Mom OG. From living in Texas and moving to California to launching a business with her mother and daughter, Abraham has been busy. The Teen Mom OG reunion was taped a few weeks back, and all of the girls were getting along. Fans are waiting to see how explosive Abraham was with Larry Musnik, especially since the previews made it look quite dramatic.

Nothing Abraham does is shocking anymore. She has been making headlines since Teen Mom OG began airing earlier this year. Popularity is something Abraham feeds on, even if the attention she is getting isn’t positive. Since MTV is dubbing this the season finale of Teen Mom OG, Abraham and the other ladies likely aren’t done with their lives being filmed yet. The last episode will air this upcoming Monday and the reunion show will air just a week later. Abraham is done with the show for a while, but she will likely continue to make headlines for her outrageous behavior.

[Photo by Jacopo Raule/Getty Images]