‘Ghostbusters’ Inspires The Return Of Ecto Cooler

Ghostbusters is already bringing on the nostalgia and the film hasn’t even hit theaters yet. For almost as long as Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters reboot has been in production, rumors have been circulating that the once famous Hi-C Ecto Cooler would also be making a return, but it now seems the drink, manufactured by Coca-Cola, is definitely going to be sliding onto store shelves. No longer mere conjecture, there’s now proof that Ecto Cooler, inspired by the Ghostbusters character Slimer, is on its way.

Meanwhile, the new villain for Ghostbusters isn’t quite so new after all. Fans of the original Ghostbusters films will be seeing a familiar face, when the film hits theaters.

Ghostbusters-inspired Ecto Cooler is coming back

#90skidsremember #EctoCooler. Could this ghostly juice box be making a comeback? #Ghostbusters

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Once thought to be a product of the past, it now seems very likely that Hi-C’s Ecto Cooler will be making a triumphant return, coinciding with the release of the Ghostbusters reboot film. While Coca-Cola has yet to make an official announcement, the beverage company has re-registered their Ecto Cooler trademark. This alone suggested plans to bring Ecto Cooler back and the recent release of some updated packaging adds to the notion that Coca-Cola is jumping on the Ghostbusters bandwagon with a re-release of Ecto Cooler.

A test can for Ecto Cooler has appeared on eBay, and the labeling promotes the upcoming Paul Feig movie and also features updated nutrition information. The can is empty, as it seems to be intended for a test run, but it does appear to be authentic. The seller is asking $200, which may be a little steep, considering full cans of Ecto Cooler will soon be available virtually everywhere.

Another source posted pictures of Ecto Cooler in the classic juice box packaging. While the juice boxes lacked artwork, which may mean they were also intended for test runs, product expiration information confirmed that the juice boxes were intended for Ecto Cooler.

Ghostbusters brings on a new yet familiar villain

One of the biggest secrets fans of the Ghostbusters franchise have been trying to discover has been the identity of the new villain. Previously, few details had been revealed. We knew the villain would be a character by the name of Rowan and that he (or it?) would be voiced by Neil Casey, but that was all that had been revealed, until Mattel let the cat out of the bag with their 2016 New York Toy Fair presentation.

The Rowan action figure looks almost identical to the ghost in the Ghostbusters logo, except this updated version wears a cherry red bow tie. Making the logo ghost of the first two films a villain in this reboot may be Feig’s way of tying all of the Ghostbusters films together, but it seems unlikely that the big villain would be a run-of-the-mill ghost.

If Rowan is the ghost from the original Ghostbusters logo, it’s likely that a new bow tie won’t be all that’s new with him in the reboot. As has been the case with the previous Ghostbusters films, the villain in the reboot must have greater ambitions than merely to haunt a library or a painting, for example. Rowan presumably possesses greater powers and an evil intent to match, or what could there be to challenge the Ghostbusters?

Especially for the first outing of this all-female team of Ghostbusters, there’s a need for a big, seemingly undefeatable foe. The ladies need to make a good show and, for that, they need Rowan to bring his A-game. Only by facing a nearly omnipotent enemy can these women win over the hearts of audiences.

Ghostbusters, starring Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, and Chris Hemsworth, will premiere in theaters on July 14.

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