Some Lady Gaga Fans Send Disturbing Messages To David Bowie’s Son Duncan Jones

As one of the biggest performers of the past decade, Lady Gaga certainly knows the drill. People will either love or hate what you do. There is no satisfying everybody and Lady Gaga was reminded of that after her tribute to the late David Bowie at the Grammy Awards Monday evening.

Lady Gaga thrilled some but offended others by dressing up as David Bowie and seemingly trying to make the performance all about herself, rather than Mr. Bowie. According to the Guardian, Gaga’s tribute didn’t do either artist any justice.

“Cutting down the sprawling catalog of Bowie is no mean feat, of course, but having so many selections only represent the classic-rock-canon-approved slice of the man’s work seemed reductive; there was more to Bowie’s appeal than face paint and flashy jumpsuits, as any of the eulogies that have poured forth since his death on 10 January could have shown.”

Lady Gaga David Bowie
The Guardian wasn’t the only source to criticize Gaga’s Bowie homage. Randal Roberts of the Los Angeles Times thought that Gaga’s Bowie tribute felt more like an audition for a low-budget Vegas show. However, Rolling Stone appeared to be thrilled.

“Lady Gaga paid tribute to David Bowie with a transformative performance at the 2016 Grammy Awards ceremony…Filled with special effects, costume changes and an appearance from Let’s Dance and Black Tie White Noise producer Nile Rodgers, Gaga gave a tribute to Bowie as eclectic as his career.”

Lady Gaga David Bowie
Some people thought Lady Gaga was exploiting the death of David Bowie.
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Unfortunately, many comments after the article completely disagreed with Rolling Stone‘s assessment.

“The only thing I found astonishing is how absolutely terrible this performance was on so many levels. Musically it was a completely incompetent performance verging on abhorrent and a complete joke,” said commenter TooMuchTapas.

“Lady Gaga is just awful. After 7 years, she’s still trying hard to be perceived as one of those Big Artists like Bowie was. It’s sad and I always feel some awkward shame for her,” claimed Miribobiri.

Apparently, David Bowie’s son Duncan Jones wasn’t a big fan of her performance either as he tweeted a passive-aggressive message right after the performance.

For the past couple of days, Lady Gaga’s rabid Little Monsters have been going in for the kill.

Some of the other tweets by alleged Gaga fans accused Jones (and — believe it or not — his father) of not being as talented as Lady Gaga. Many people, including other Lady Gaga fans, have denounced these tweets. After all, Lady Gaga has created the Born This Way Foundation in order to combat bullying.

Every artist has crazed fans who will do anything to defend their idol. However, some Lady Gaga fans have taken it all to a new level. Let’s hope that Lady Gaga makes a statement denouncing the treatment Duncan Jones is receiving from her fans. One can accuse Lady Gaga of being a lot of things, but there is no way that she would support this type of bullying by some of her so-called fans.

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