Kyle Richards Criticizes Lisa Rinna For Hurtful Remarks About Kim Richards But Also Defends Her In Yolanda Foster Drama

Kyle Richards’ friendship with Lisa Rinna is a bit complicated. In her latest blog post, published on Friday, Kyle wrote that the fact that Lisa R. continues to badmouth her sister, Kim Richards, makes it hard for her to maintain a good friendship with her. Yet Kyle is on Lisa R.’s side when it comes to her feud with Yolanda Foster. Kyle pointed out in her blog that Yolanda has now brought up gossip about Lisa, which is the very behavior that she continues to be so mad at Lisa R. about.

Kyle wrote that if Lisa R. cared about their friendship at all, she wouldn’t talk so badly about Kim, especially in her presence.

“I don’t like to hear Lisa Rinna speak against my sister. It bothers me that she claims to have such empathy for anyone who suffers from addiction and then says terrible things about Kim. I have tried to keep the situation between Rinna and Kim separate from our friendship. However, she tends to bring it up again and again making that difficult. I understand she is entitled to her feelings, but there is a time and place. If she cared about our friendship at all, it wouldn’t be with me sitting right there while saying such hurtful remarks about Kim as well as in her interviews.”

On Tuesday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the women had brunch at Kathryn Edwards’ San Diego home. Some of the women started making fun of Lisa Rinna over how little she eats. Eileen Davidson jokingly asked Lisa R. about her eating disorder, which Kim Richards seemingly implied Lisa R. suffered from during the group’s trip to Amsterdam last season.

On that trip, during dinner in a restaurant, Kim confronted Lisa R. about talking about her sobriety. As the argument escalated, Kim yelled at Lisa R. to eat some bread and calm down. It was during that argument that Kim also implied that Lisa R.’s husband, actor Harry Hamlin, has done something inappropriate. At the mention of her husband’s name, Lisa R. got up, smashed a wine glass down at the table, and lunged towards Kim. Kyle fled the restaurant in tears.

At her brunch, new cast member Kathryn asked Lisa R. who accused her of having an eating disorder. “That person,” Lisa R. hesitantly said. Kyle admitted it was her sister. Lisa R. went on to say that what happened between her and Kim was “vicious” and “vile.” Kyle tried to cut Lisa R. off.

“This is really uncomfortable for me…I don’t like the ‘vicious’ and ‘vile’ and ‘problems’ — I don’t want to hear that about her.”

Yet Lisa R. didn’t stop. She went on to say that her fight with Kim in Amsterdam was “a really scary moment.” When Kathryn gave her opinion that Lisa was over-exaggerating by using the word “scary,” Kyle said that she didn’t want to listen to any more talk about Kim and left the table. Lisa R. yelled out to Kyle that she was sorry.

In Kathryn Edwards’ kitchen, Kyle Richards pointed out to Lisa Vanderpump that she could bring up the fact that it was really scary for Kim Richards to receive a threatening text message from Lisa Rinna days after the Amsterdam trip. On the season 5 reunion show, Kim read out the full text that Lisa R. sent her.

“Be very careful or I will f**k you up. You be nice to your sister, you believe her, and stop telling lies…You are nasty and you need to be stopped now.”

In her interview regarding the brunch scene, Kyle said that she didn’t like hearing Lisa R. putting all of the blame on Kim since her own hands aren’t clean.

Although Kyle Richards and Lisa Rinna don’t see eye-to-eye when it comes to Kim Richards, Kyle does believe that Yolanda Fosters is acting unfairly towards Lisa R.

“Yolanda clearly is still upset with Rinna and rightfully so. However, I do have to agree with Rinna. By Yolanda saying she ‘could’ say she is bipolar but ‘wouldn’t do that’ IS already putting that out there. It’s exactly like Lisa Rinna saying she didn’t say Yolanda has Munchausens but “engaged” in a conversation about it…Well, here we are six months later hearing and talking about it.”

On Tuesday night’s episode, on the car ride to Erika Girardi’s BBQ, Eileen informed Lisa R. that Yolanda was actually still very angry with her about repeating, on air during a conversation with Kyle and Lisa V., gossip that she may have Munchausen. A clip was shown of Yolanda, days prior, telling Eileen that she could say that Lisa R. has bipolar disorder, but she would never do that. Lisa R. pointed out to Eileen that Yolanda just did what she’s mad at her for.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, after the episode aired, Yolanda tweeted that karma is coming for Lisa.

A preview for next week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills shows Kyle Richards pointing out to Yolanda Foster her hypocrisy in regards to Lisa Rinna. Yolanda then turns the tables on Kyle, seemingly threatening to spill her secrets in retaliation.

“[Kyle:] Yoanda, give me a f**king break…[Yolanda:] Just relax. I hold a lot in the vault…[Kyle:] Are you threatening me?”

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