Prince Harry Attends ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Premiere, Parties With Models Cara Delevingne And Cressida Bona

Are Prince Harry and model Cara Delevigne dating? Perhaps its more like Harry and Cressida Bona? Those are the questions being asked by many Brits on Friday morning after the Prince was spotted attending ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ at a London IMAX theater. After the movie premiere both Harry and Delevigne then attended as after party at the Freemasons Hall in Covent Garden.

The 27-year-old Prince and Delevigne were both spotted at the party and later into the night they headed to the Salon nightclub in the Mayfair region.

We do know that Prince Harry and his potential model girlfriend did not leave the club together, at approximately 4:15am Cara was driven away by her executive chauffeur and then two minutes later Prince Harry emerged from the nightclub with his bodyguards.

According to his team Prince Harry didn’t meet up with Cara later that night but instead headed home

Delevingne is quite the stunner and the current face of Burberry Beauty. Cara also served as the previous face of Burberry’s Sprint Summer 2012 campaign along with actor Eddie Redmayne.

According to the The Daily Mail Harry wasn’t with Delevingne but rather model Cressida Bona, the daughter of 1960s cover girl Lady Mary-Gaye Curzon. According to sources inside the club Prince Harry was spotted kissing and cuddling with Cressida Bona.

Prince Harry’s camp has not denied or admitted to his relationship with Delevingne or Bona.

With his busy globetrotting for charity we wouldn’t be surprised if Prince Harry was not involved with anyone at this time but party jumping with two beautiful models likely won’t stop any type of speculation.