Video of Shaq’s Danny Ferry joke

Shaquille O’Neal made fun of his new Cavaliers boss Danny Ferry at their joint press conference today with a saucy picture of Shaq bending over Ferry he had downloaded from the Internet.

Shaq recently joined the Cleveland Cavaliers, whose general manager Ferry is a former 723-game legend of the franchise. At a press conference with Ferry today wearing a striking pink shirt and tie under his suit, Shaq unrolled a printout of a shot of the small forward bent over in front of Shaq during his playing days.

“I know Danny was a great player, a pretty good player. The other day when I got a call from Danny I was like ‘Danny Ferry, Danny Ferry.’ Then I had to check my computer to see who Danny Ferry was, and this is what came up on the Internet. That’s the first picture that comes up on Google, you’ve got to take care of that.”

Man, that is one pink shirt and tie.