Adele Pranks Jamba Juice Employees [Video]

Adele Performs

Adele was a guest star on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday, and she spoke to Ellen about her experience for her Grammy performance and how it affected her in the days after. In an effort to lighten the overall mood, Adele, with the aid of Ellen DeGenres, pulled off pranking the employees at a Jamba Juice location.

According to New York Daily News, Adele was directed by Ellen through an earpiece when she was throwing the Jamba Juice employees for a loop. Before Adele went into the store, the employees were informed by Adele’s “assistant,” Simone, that she wants to be treated normal. Adele kept the employees on their toes as she placed her order nonchalantly in the most confusing order request the employees may have experienced up to that date.

“I’ll take a Jamba Juice,” Adele said. “One small cup but a large.”

The employees at the store were clearly star struck but keep their cool and did their best to assist the British star with her order. They were a bit flustered as they assisted but provided as much help as they could to the confused star, they truly provided great customer service.

Adele at Jamba Juice
Adele even produced a pair of scissors to cut off a piece of the wheat grass that was beside the cashiers station. Adele asked if she could have some and ignored the employees flustered response and proceeded to cut a section off and started to eat it.

Adele made the situation even more comical by stating that she felt like she was a deer in a forest and she chomped down on the wheat grass and she followed it up by making animal sounds as she ate.

“I’ve got the shakes. I haven’t had a drink in hours.”

Adele requested that an employee add a shot of alcohol to her order, when the employee refused stating that it was against the policy of the store Adele was happy to take the bottle to her head fulfilling her need. Adele even shared the bottle with her assistant as she tried to complete her juice order.

Once the order was completed and it was time for payment, Adele dumped the contents of her bag on the counter in the hopes of finding her money to make her payment for her juice. The contents of her bag ranged from Twizzlers to handcuffs with very little money to be found. Adele asked the employee if she had to still pay as she was a star. The very courteous employee stated that he would have to seek approval from his manager for the British star to get her drinks on the house.

“Do I have to pay? I’m a star.”

At this time Ellen DeGeneres decided it was best to come clean and Adele admitted that her antics were a result of Ellen’s instructions and she informed the Jamba Juice employees of where the cameras were located. Adele was excited for the end of the prank as she was able to remove the remaining wheat grass from her mouth, as she was not pleased with the taste.

Adele’s comical relief can be seen in the video, it surely is a boat load of laughs as the singer pulls off the prank flawlessly.

Adele must have enjoyed the change of pace after the emotional state she experienced after her Grammy performance was upstaged by sound issues. The lightheartedness of this prank was good for both Adele and her fans alike.

[Image by Kevin Djansezian/Getty Images]