Barbie Dreamhouse: Mattel Reveals Tech-Enabled, $299 Smart Dollhouse For Barbie Toys

Mattel apparently pulled out all of the stops when they unveiled the newest addition to the expanding Barbie collection — the Barbie Dreamhouse.

What makes the “Hello Dreamhouse” different from any other Barbie dollhouses that Mattel has released over the years?

According to TechCrunch, the Dreamhouse is the very first tech-enabled, smart dollhouse.

Mattel reportedly revealed the brand new Barbie Dreamhouse as an exhibit at the New York Toy Fair recently.

Based on the design and capabilities of this high-tech dollhouse, kids will use their voices to activate and control a number of different things within the Mattel “Hello Dreamhouse,” including the music, appliances, the lighting as well as the elevator.

Based on the report, consumers will be able to greet the Dreamhouse in a similar way that they would greet Siri or Cortana on mobile devices — greeting the device and then proceeding with a command.

For instance, to work the elevator, the Dreamhouse owner/user can say “Hello Dreamhouse. Bring the elevator down.” After using the “Hello Dreamhouse” greeting, consumers will also be able to modify other settings based on their personal preferences, such as turning the bedroom lights different colors and even turning the shower off and on.

As is the case with most voice-activated devices and smart homes, a series of chimes and lights will reportedly shine brightly to let kids know that the Dreamhouse is either listening or responding to their commands.

Instead of leaving kids with just one mode or option, the Mattel Barbie Dreamhouse offers three different pre-set models: “Fun House Mode,” “Dance Party Mode,” and “Hangout Mode.”

Each mode option comes with its own music and lighting scheme as well as a completely different dialog that will be used to respond. Therefore, consumers will have access to an extensive list of customized responses based on the mode that they select — no longer having to worry about hearing the same dialog over and over again.

If you can get past the $299 price tag that will reportedly come with the Mattel “Hello Dreamhouse,” this particular addition to the Hello Barbie line could very well revolutionize the future of toy houses and shelters.

Keep in mind that Mattel has successfully been able to create different accessories, homes, and vehicles to go along with its ever-changing collection, design, and wardrobe of Barbie dolls in general. Therefore, with the release of the Internet-connected Barbie doll, it should not surprise very many longtime Mattel consumers and critics that a tech-enabled smart dollhouse is coming out right behind it.

The “Hello Dreamhouse” was apparently not the only surprise that Mattel had up its sleeve at the New York Toy Fair. There is also the futuristic hoverboard drone known as the Star Light Adventure RC Hoverboard.

Instead of placing your Barbie doll inside of the old-fashioned sports car, the Barbie can take a ride on this $60 hoverboard, which is controlled by you thanks to its remote control.

It is apparently clear that Mattel is driving its popular line of Barbie dolls and accessories (and the overall brand) into the digital age of tech-enabled devices and the internet. With the Mattel “Hello Dreamhouse” as well as the Mattel Star Light Adventure RC Hoverboard releasing this fall, these new items should definitely help set the stage for a busy holiday shopping season. Only time will tell whether or not Mattel reached a gold mine with the new additions to the Barbie toy collection or if the popular toy manufacturer missed the mark with these new ideas.

[Image Credit: Diane Bondareff/AP Images for Mattel]

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