Amy Schumer Responds In Hilarious Manner To Taylor Swift ‘Body Shaming’ Accusations

Amy Schumer isn’t one to offer apologies for her jokes, but when it comes to a mighty backlash caused by a comment made about Taylor Swift’s thigh gap that was quite obvious during the “Blank Space” singer’s appearance at the Grammys, Schumer has taken some heat which has inspired her to at least respond to the supposed body shaming she has been accused of. Her apology is certainly lacking, however.

The Huffington Post relays what post to social media by Schumer caused the controversy that even motivated the comedian to respond at all.

“After Grammys golden girl, Swift, put forth a leggy display on the red carpet Monday night, Schumer responded with a photo of herself and fellow funny woman Bridget Everett frolicking on the beach in their swimsuits. ‘Taylor that’s not a thigh gap,’ she captioned the photo. ‘This is a thigh gap.’ “

Within seconds of the post hitting Instagram, followers’ began commenting on the comedian’s post and communicating their disappointment with Schumer for skinny-shaming, noting that this form of body-shaming is just as bad as fat-shaming. Fans also were not impressed that Amy brought Taylor Swift into the post as the subject of the apparent skinny-shaming.

The publication shares some of the comments that resulted from Schumer’s post, which surely was not intended to be offensive, but instead comical.

“You have personal issues if you are skinny shaming. It is equally as ignorant as fat shaming. People can’t always help the way they were born. Please think about the msg you are sending.”

Another comment shed light on how it is easy to take the post as offensive and contradictory to previous posts by Schumer who has tried to advocate for women to love their body, regardless of shape or size.

“You could say the same about your friend Jennifer Lawrence? I thought we were past taking down other women for what is or isn’t a ‘real body’?”

Amy responded in the most poignant and hilarious manner — what else would be expected from the funny girl? Although her response acknowledged she may have offended, Amy noted that it was in no way her intention and that those who are attempting to make it more than it is, should simply #relax. The Huffington Post shares the star’s words in response to the irritated Instagrammers.

“That’s not a beard this is a beard. So sorry to anyone with a beard this may offend… I am a comic and should never make fun of myself at the expense of anyone else that I wasn’t making fun of in the first place. #relax#beard.”

Image via Instagram
As the Independent draws attention to, celebrities are often put in a tough spot, especially comics, who are known to get laughs for drawing attention to others. Schumer was simply having a laugh at herself and was likely intending “thigh gap” post as more of a compliment to Swift as opposed to an attempt to body shame the pop star.

“Those living in the public eye are stuck between a rock a hard place when it comes to social media; they often need accounts to be relevant, but even the most unassuming post can land them in trouble.”

A representative for the comedian was also contacted and shared that Amy absolutely admires Taylor.

“A rep for Schumer also clarified that ‘[Amy] loves Taylor and was making a joke because [she] doesn’t have a thigh gap,’ for those who didn’t quite get it the first time round.”

It’s unlikely that Taylor would have even taken offense to the comical post added by Schumer.

[Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for The Critics’ Choice Awards]