Firefox OS Revealed In Photos, It’s Pretty Much Exactly What We Expected

The Firefox OS was only recently announced but the mobile operating system is already getting a showcase. The team at TechWeekEurope UK got its hands on the first screen shots of the mobile OS and as expected it features a familiar design that Google Android and Apple iOS users will be familiar with from the moment of device activation.

The most telling photo revealed with the OS may be the apps screen which shows a number of popular games and apps believed to be compatible with the Firefox OS including Angry Birds, Evernote and the ever popular Twitter mobile option.

The mobile OS which is set to arrive in early 2013 is being touted as an alternative to high-end mobile devices offered for Android and iOS devices and comes equipped with all off the mobile options we have come to expect from our devices including support for calls, texts, calendar, contacts and calendar.

Users will also notice a standard lock screen and a four-digit passcode option.

One of the most telling features may be the app notifications which appear even when the device is locked, although we don’t know if interaction with those apps behind a locked screen will be possible.

The Firefox Mobile OS also appears to offer emergency call and emergency contact modes.

The Firefox emergency contacts list could be a lifesaver, especially for people with certain conditions that require immediate and proper care. Here’s a quick look at how the emergency call list operates:

Firefox Emergency Calls

I’m not sure what I think about the circular icons which appear as an almost retro design however the easy to access emergency button, what appears to be a nice dialer and other options have me intrigued.It is still unclear if these screenshots are mock-ups or part of the Firefox OS Nightly Build which has been made available for developer testing.

Firefox OS Display Screen

The Mozilla Firefox OS is HTML5-based and meant as a low-cost phone alternative for today’s less discerning buyers.

Mozilla plans to launch the Firefox OS with Spain’s Telefónica.

Firefox OS Lock Screen
Firefox OS Icons
Firefox OS Apps Display

In the meantime Mozilla at the start of July announced its first mobile OS partners who will help usher in the new mobile device platform.