NBA Trade Rumors: Dwight Howard To Be Dealt Before Deadline — Knicks? Lakers? Hornets?

The NBA trade deadline is drawing ever closer, and anything could happen in the final moments to shock the sports world. It was revealed about a week ago that the Houston Rockets had Dwight Howard back on the block, and it appears they are still trying to move him. Set to become a free agent this summer, many teams may not be willing to take a chance on him, but where could he go? The LA Lakers? The New York Knicks? The Charlotte Hornets? The New Orleans Pelicans?

CBS News is reporting that the Rockets are still desperately trying to get rid of Howard in hopes of having something for him instead of just losing him in free agency. The Lakers and Knicks have been attached to trade rumors for Howard in the past couple of months, but many other teams have been thrown in.

Looking at that possible deal, it has five teams involved in the trade and that number doesn’t even include the Rockets. One possibility had the Cleveland Cavaliers involved and the Rockets trying to get Kevin Love in exchange for Howard, but that one is unlikely.

The Cavs turned down an Offer from the Rockets… Dwight Howard For Kevin Love

— SC Cleveland™ (@SC_Cleveland) February 18, 2016

ESPN reported that the Charlotte Hornets and the Houston Rockets have had exploratory talks about a Dwight Howard trade. Houston has been reportedly been asking for at least one first-round pick in the deal for Howard, and that’s been the deal breaker with a lot of teams.

Howard had made it clear that he has “not asked the Rockets to trade” him, and he hasn’t spoken of trades at all. He just wants to win wherever he is, and he wants a situation to work, even if it is in Houston.

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According to Legion NBA, the Hornets had offered up a deal of Al Jefferson and Spencer Hawes in exchange for Howard in hopes the Rockets would bite. As of now, all signs have pointed to the deal being declined by Houston.

As Thursday continues, though, more and more rumored trades for Dwight Howard begin popping up. Social media is full of possibilities for Howard, and fans who are hopeful that he will end up landing with their team.

In the last 15 minutes alone, two other rumors have come up.

NESN is now saying that the Boston Celtics and Atlanta Hawks are possible destinations for Dwight Howard with time remaining. The Atlanta Hawks may decide to shake things up, and the Celtics are willing to bite if the Rockets will lower their price for him.

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Even with all of this talk and just mere hours until the NBA trade deadline, the Houston Rockets may not get many to bite on a deal for Dwight Howard. It appears their asking price is rather high, and teams just aren’t willing to trade for him when they could make a fun this summer.

Dwight Howard’s time in Houston appears now to have been as tumultuous as his time with the Orlando Magic and then with the LA Lakers. Even if he isn’t dealt before the deadline as the NBA trade rumors state, he is just as good as out of Houston and away from the Rockets by the time summer rolls around.

[Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images]