Kanye West, Kris Jenner Have ‘Heated’ Conversation About The Rapper’s Debt, Source Says

Whether or not Kanye West is broke for real is still unclear, but that didn’t stop Kris Jenner from blasting ‘Ye during a recent “heated” conversation, according to one source.

On Wednesday, Hollywood Life reported that an inside source had told them all about a discussion had by Kanye and the famous Kardashian momager, Kris Jenner. According to the report, Kanye’s mother-in-law told the “Gold Digger” rapper that he shouldn’t “expect Kim or any of the family to bail him out of this mess.”

“She explained to him that it’s great to invest in oneself but to use caution and know when enough is enough. It was a heated conversation. Both of them [were] trying to over talk the other. But Kris kept up with Kanye, and told him that his antics and sheer cockiness is getting in the way of his vision and clearly hurting his pockets.”

The conversation reportedly happened after one of West’s recent Twitter rants, during which he claimed to be $53 million in personal debt.

I write this to you my brothers while still 53 million dollars in personal debt… Please pray we overcome… This is my true heart…

— KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) February 14, 2016

Subsequent reports have indicated that West isn’t actually in as much debt as he would have people believe. Instead, reports indicate that he may instead have spent $53 million on some of his recent endeavors, which included two projects launched within the past month. His Yeezy Season 3 line launched on February 11, and his The Life of Pablo album was released Saturday.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a source told Hollywood Life that the rapper has plenty of investments to keep him afloat.

“Kanye is not $53 million in debt. He has several businesses and investments, from his clothing line to restaurants to music worth millions. He is a master in marketing and is doing everything he can to generate interest in his album, Tidal and his clothing line.”

West lent credibility to this idea when on he tweeted that he’d spent a substantial amount of money on his art forms during the past 13 years.

perhaps a fashion group will cover the 53 that I’ve invested over the past 13 years…

— KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) February 16, 2016

Since ‘Ye’s odd and financially-revealing Twitter rant, the rapper and fashion designer has taken to Twitter on more than one occasion, even begging Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to invest $1 billion in his ideas.

Mark Zuckerberg invest 1 billion dollars into Kanye West ideas

— KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) February 14, 2016

Kanye’s recent Twitter rants have led fans and friends alike to question whether the 38-year-old artist is cracking under the pressure of promoting his recent projects, or if he’s simply attempting to drum up more publicity for the work he’s done.

Rhymefest, one of Kanye’s co-writers, believes the first to be true, as he recently tweeted that West is in need of spiritual and mental counseling. Meanwhile, another source close to West claims that Kim Kardashian’s husband knows exactly what he’s doing and that he stands to profit substantially from his odd behavior.

Whatever the case may be, it’s obvious that ‘Ye’s recent antics — from his Twitter feud with Wiz Khalifa to dissing Taylor Swift — have brought an incredible amount of additional publicity to himself and to his projects.

As to whether Kanye West is broke? We’re not sure, but it sounds like Kris Jenner has no interest in letting Kim Kardashian bail Kanye out this time.

Find out more about Kanye West’s fashion show and his new album in the video below.

[Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment]