Vivian Jovanni: Petition Demands ‘Days Of Our Lives’ Fire The New Ciara Brady

Days of Our Lives: Ciara Brady fans start petition to fire Vivian Jovanni

Ciara Brady fans are not happy with the Days of Our Lives character being aged up and replaced with a new actress. One viewer was so upset she decided to do something about it. On, Melanie Rigdon began a petition to get Vivian Jovanni fired from Days of our Lives.

Last year, DOOL fans got a first look at Salem’s teenagers, who aged literally overnight. TV Insider reported that the new Ciara Brady and Chase Jennings would debut on October 30, 2015. The actress chosen to play teen Ciara was Vivian Jovanni. Before her first appearance on Days of Our Lives, fans commented on how much the brunette looked like Hope Brady, her on-screen mother. Now that a few months have passed, viewers are annoyed and disappointed by the casting decision.

I will be the first to admit I was not a fan of Vivian Jovanni when she first appeared on Days of Our Lives. Even though the actress resembled Hope, her acting skills were not up to par. However, in the past few weeks, “the new Ciara Brady” has improved. Despite her better performance, some viewers still want Vivian Jovanni fired from DOOL. The fan who started the petition on to fire Jovanni from Days of Our Lives gave several reasons.

“Vivian is not right to portray sweet, rich, princess-like Ciara for the following reasons: Vivian keeps her mouth closed while speaking, which is annoying. Vivian’s voice is too harsh, too rough, too monotone, and too robotic. Vivian’s reactions, behaviors, and movements are too robotic and emotionless, especially with seasoned actors during an emotional scene,” Melanie Rigdon explained in her petition. “Vivian looks mixed race and does not resemble Beau [sic] & Hope at all, with the exception of her hair color.”

Melanie added that Vivian Jovanni should “go back to modeling.” The Days of Our Lives fan also stated that the casting department should hire an actress who is “capable of emotion.”

Looking at Jovanni’s IMDB page reveals she doesn’t have much acting experience. She played “Orchid Girl” on an episode of The Bay. Following landing the Days of Our Lives gig, Vivian’s credits included The Right Hand of God and The Madness Within. In 2013 and 2014, Vivian Jovanni’s acting resume lists several classes, including career management, improv, method acting and even had some private coaching.

Even though the new Ciara Brady has her haters, Vivian has also gained some fans. There are Days of Our Lives viewers who are enjoying Jovanni’s portrayal of Hope Brady’s daughter. In fact, a Twitter user alerted Vivian of the petition to have her fired. So far, the actress has not responded. Those that are concerned, rest assured that the petition has been up for three months and only has 128 signatures.

The biggest test of Vivian’s acting skills aired yesterday on Days of Our Lives. Ciara Brady was raped by her stepbrother, Chase Jennings. It is a difficult scene for any actress to play and definitely struck a chord with fans on social media. Based on her performance, Vivian might not be the most experienced actress, but she is learning and improving each day.

What do you think of the petition asking Days of Our Lives to fire Vivian Jovanni? Do you think the actress portraying Ciara Brady should be replaced? Or do you see no problem with the DOOL casting decision?

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