‘Bringing Up Bates’ Baby News: Chad And Erin Paine Set To Welcome Second Baby

'Bringing Up Bates' stars Erin and Chad Paine

There is another Bringing Up Bates baby on the way and fans will be thrilled to catch up to this news. Not long ago, everybody found out that Zach and Whitney Bates are expecting their second baby, and now news is out that another couple from the family has another baby on the way as well. Chad and Erin Paine just revealed that they are expecting as well.

She Knows shares the big news regarding Chad and Erin Paine’s baby. As Bringing Up Bates fans know, Erin and Chad went through quite a bit in order to welcome their son Charles Steven IV, whom they call Carson, who was born last May. Carson is the youngest of the Bates grandbabies, with Zach and Whitney’s son Bradley turning two last fall and John and Alyssa’s daughter Allie turning one this spring a matter of weeks before Carson’s first birthday.

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Chad and Erin share that their second baby will be arriving this summer, so the new boy or girl will be right about a year younger than Carson. It seems that this Bringing Up Bates pregnancy came as a big surprise, but Erin and Chad are clearly thrilled by the news.

It was only about a month ago that the Bringing Up Bates family teased that one of the couples was expecting and everybody was excited to voice their guesses. Many figured that it was probably Zach and Whitney expecting another baby and they were right. What nobody realized at the time, seemingly even Erin and Chad, is that there was another Bates grandbaby on the way as well.

The Paines decided that they wanted to share their big news on Valentine’s Day, having learned about the pregnancy a few weeks earlier. Despite the challenge of keeping a secret in the Bringing Up Bates family, Erin and Chad succeeded and it seems that the entire family was absolutely thrilled to hear the news. This big reveal will surely be featured on an upcoming episode of the show.

Erin realizes that the family likely didn’t expect her to be the next one expecting another child, due to all of her previous struggles. As Bringing Up Bates viewers know, Erin and Chad endured multiple miscarriages before Carson’s birth, but she says that God’s plans are always better than hers. She adds that the news was definitely a huge shocker for her extended family.

Bringing Up Bates is currently in the middle of Season 3 on UP tv and most fans would imagine that there will be a Season 4 down the road as well. TLC may have pulled 19 Kids and Counting off their network after the Josh Duggar scandals, but support for the Bates family and this UP tv series has only increased since the show began airing.

As 19 Kids fans know, the Duggar and Bates families have been friends for years, with rumors swirling more than once about a possible courtship brewing between members of the two families. In addition, Jana Duggar was a bridesmaid in Michael and Brandon’s wedding and the full Duggar family was in attendance. The Duggars are said to be filming again for a new series, though nothing new has been announced yet by TLC.

Bringing Up Bates has shared Chad and Erin’s baby news on their Facebook page now and fans are buzzing over the exciting news. Will either Michael and Brandon or John and Alyssa follow up with baby news of their own soon? Fans can only hope.

Congratulations to Chad and Erin Paine of Bringing Up Bates on their baby news! Fans hope that the pregnancy progresses smoothly and folks can’t wait for updates.

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