Mike Piazza’s Wife Alicia Rickter: Clemens Was On ‘Roids During 2000 World Series

Former Playboy Playmate Alicia Rickter seems to be putting her husband, retired New York Mets catcher Mike Piazza, in an awkward position when she tells the TMZ cameras that her hubby thinks pitcher Roger Clemens was on steroids during the famous and controversial World Series bat-throwing incident.

Baseball fans will remember that on October 22, 2000, during Game 2 of the Subway Series, Piazza’s bat shattered after fouling off a pitch, and Clemens left the mound and tossed the broken-off barrel of the bat in Piazza’s direction. The benches cleared, but there was no actual brawl. Piazza had already been beaned by Clemens earlier in the season during an Interleague matchup.

In the video clip, Rickter suggests Clemens’ behavior in the Series was the result of ‘roid rage, but from Piazza’s body language, he didn’t want to get anywhere near the subject. As TMZ explains,

You gotta see the look Piazza gave Alicia the second she opened her mouth. We suspect she had a drink with dinner … and it’s obvious he didn’t want to rehash the legendary incident.

Clemens has consistently denied using performance-enhancing drugs. Last month, Clemens was found not guilty on six counts of lying to Congress stemming from the testimony he gave in February 2008 claiming that he had never taken steroids.

Piazza is considered one of the best-hitting catchers of all time and is presumed to be a lock for the MLB Hall of Fame. He finished his career with a .308 batting average and 427 home runs, setting a record of home runs by a catcher with 326 (he also played first base and DH in the latter part of his career). With 354 career wins, Clemens should also be guaranteed a spot in the Hall of Fame, except for the steroid allegations that continue to swirl around him, even given the not guilty verdict.

Watch Alicia Rickter and Mike Piazza comment on Roger Clemens:

Watch the Piazza-Clemens incident from the 2000 World Series:

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