Miley Cyrus Shows Off The Goods in Body Hugging Jumpsuit [Photo]

Miley Cyrus is no stranger to turning heads when she shows up somewhere. Well add a super hot denim jumpsuit with Converse sneakers to her repertoire on Tuesday night. Miley showed up to a Philadelphia hotel rocking the hot outfit with fiance Liam Hemsworth of Hunger Games fame.

Miley has been making tons of headlines for her style of dress lately. Showing up to award shows dressed only in a blazer, running on the street with cut off shirts and no bras and even going to Starbucks for a cup of joe wearing lingerie. Miley even recently went back to wearing her hair blonde in true Hannah Montana fashion.

It seems as if the teen star is trying to shed her Disney girl image and come into her sexy own as an adult. It seems like only days ago that Perez Hilton was facing child pornography charges for posting a picture of Miley’s underwear in an up-skirt photo taken when she was getting out of a limo.

Miley Cyrus has also getting risqué in her behavior when she isn’t in the spotlight for her clothes. She recently was condemned by a Conservative Christian group for having photos taken of her licking a cake shaped like a penis at her fiance’s birthday party. Miley has also been filed at a party smoking a bong which she later claimed was filled with a legal hallucinogen called Salvia.

Whatever Miley is doing it seems to be working. The young star has no problem staying off the front page and making sure people know her.

Miley Cyrus

Picture by: Ouzounova/Splash News