Corey Taylor, ‘Fit To Fat To Fit’ Trainer, Gains 56 Pounds In 4 Months To Inspire Client

Fit to Fat to Fit trainer Corey Taylor reportedly gained 56 pounds to inspire and motivate a client.

According to Us Weekly, the A&E unscripted series placed a spotlight on Corey Taylor’s weight gain during Tuesday’s episode.

A highlight of the episode was the initial reaction that Corey received from his Fit to Fat to Fit client Raela when she saw his heavier physique for the first time.

In addition to laughing with a shocked facial expression, all that Raela could do was tell Corey, “You look different.” She opened up a little more about the experience when speaking directly into the camera.

“I had to do a double take. My eyes were glued to his stomach for about a good five minutes. I knew he was going to gain weight, but it wasn’t anything that I imagined at all. It’s a big motivation for me.”

Quite a few people responded to the Fit to Fat to Fit episode by applauding and commending Corey Taylor as well as Raela for her hard work and determination on Twitter.

According to the A&E website, Fit to Fat to Fit trainer Corey Taylor was defined as an “athletic powerhouse that has taken the mainstream fitness industry by storm.” In addition to receiving the Top Trainer Award in Atlanta, Corey reportedly was named one of the 50 Hottest Male Trainers in America by Shape magazine.

On Wednesday, Corey Taylor apparently added another dose of inspiration to the mix with another motivational tweet about opportunities.

Fit to Fat to Fit is one of the newest unscripted series on the A&E network.

The series focuses on a group of successful personal trainers that trade in their toned, well-developed physiques in order to gain more empathy for their obese and out-of-shape clients. By doing so, their weight gain also serves a motivational tool for the clients that they work with on the show.

According to the Daily Mail, each trainer was given four months to increase their body weight to a maximum of 40 percent without exercising or sticking to a strict diet. Instead of focusing on healthy food options, the Fit to Fat to Fit trainers were advise to eat junk food, dietary choices that their clients were obviously comfortable with before starting their rigorous fitness journeys.

Doing so placed these svelte fitness trainers on the same level as their clients in many different ways, especially when it came to their physical appearance.

The motivational side of Fit to Fat to Fit comes in when the journey officially starts. The trainer has to work back down to their starting weight at the same time that their client works down to his or her goal weight.

For instance, in Tuesday’s episode, it was mentioned that 31-year-old Raela’s starting weight was 253 pounds. Her four-month goal was to lose 85 pounds while Corey Taylor worked on losing the 56 pounds that he gained to prepare for the Fit to Fat to Fit experience within the same timeline.

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