‘The Bachelorette’ 2016 Spoilers And Speculation: Reality Steve Teases Possibilities, Could It Be JoJo Fletcher Or Caila Quinn?

Ben Higgins has chosen his top four ladies for ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season, and with the finale around the corner, fans are starting to buzz about the Bachelorette 2016 offering coming up this spring. Who will be handing out roses? Could it be either JoJo Fletcher or Caila Quinn?

Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that he is hearing that both JoJo Fletcher and Caila Quinn are under consideration, but that a firm decision has not yet been made. During filming, Steve’s Bachelor spoilers were predicting that Fletcher would end up in the prime spot to be chosen as the Bachelorette 2016 lead. However, Ben’s eliminations shifted a bit, and now there seems to be some question about which lady will get the nod.

In every previous run of The Bachelorette, the lead has come from a prior season of The Bachelor. Most of the time, the lead has come from the season that just wrapped, though both Jen Schefft and Emily Maynard are exceptions. They both earned the final roses on their Bachelor runs, but became Bachelorette leads after splitting with their guys.

Trista Rehn, the first Bachelorette, finished in second place with Alex Michel. As for DeAnna Pappas, she became the Bachelorette after Brad Womack’s first outing, where he rejected both of his final two ladies. In every other offering of the show, the lead finished in either third or fourth place during her Bachelor season.

Given the tendency of the show to pick the ladies who finish in third or fourth place, per Reality Steve’s spoilers, Caila Quinn or Amanda Stanton would be the likely frontrunners. However, Steve’s Bachelor spoilers have said all along that he thought JoJo was a likely pick, and despite some shake-ups in the final eliminations, he suspects the show may still be looking for a way to make her work.

Reality Steve’s spoilers contend that Fletcher is an unlikely pick at this point, because according to his intel, she is eliminated at the final rose ceremony. Given all of the Bachelor spoilers teasing how Ben Higgins struggles with his final choice given that he is in love with his final two women, Steve contends that it just doesn’t work to announce JoJo as the Bachelorette 2016 lead at the same time that she’s shown as being heartbroken and blindsided by Ben.

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If JoJo is not chosen, it seems that Caila is the likely pick. Some would still say it could be Amanda, but it sounds as if the show may be focusing on Caila as a possibility more than Amanda. Many “Bachelor Nation” stars were asked at Jade and Tanner’s recent wedding who they would choose, and as E! Online details, the picks were all over the place. Jubilee Sharpe’s name pops up, too, though she would seem an unlikely choice, given how early she departed Higgins’ season.

Can JoJo really be cast aside simply for reportedly finishing second? Many fans would say that it’s still possible to make it work, and it would seem that a lot of viewers are rooting for Fletcher to get the gig. Of course, there are those rooting for Becca Tilley, Stanton, and Emily Ferguson, too. If Reality Steve’s spoilers about Lauren Bushnell are right about her being unavailable, it does seem as if the two frontrunners are most definitely Caila and JoJo.

The argument against Fletcher is simply that the way the filming schedule is, with the Bachelorette 2016 kicking into gear right after the Bachelor finale and After the Final Rose special, it simply doesn’t work to throw a heartbroken runner-up immediately into leading her own season. That is why the third-place finisher so often gets the gig.

Many fans argue, however, that the show could certainly storyboard this decision in a way that paves the way for JoJo to get the gig. During the After the Final Rose, Fletcher could come on and talk about how she’s learned it is possible to find love on the show, and she did, but she has also grown and now realizes how much she wants to find the man who truly is right for her and she’s feeling ready to embrace the opportunity.

Though Reality Steve’s spoilers assert that a runner-up simply doesn’t fit at the Bachelorette lead due to the timing issues, fans could surely get on board for the right pick. There have been rumors of other runner-ups being offered the opportunity in prior years, such as Chantal during Brad Womack’s second run at finding love, so some would say that this might be the right opportunity to make it work.

Do you think the spring lead this time around will be JoJo Fletcher as some suspect, or will Caila Quinn get the call? Will fans rooting for other potential candidates get their way with someone like Becca Tilley, Amanda Stanton or Emily Ferguson? A decision will be announced regarding ABC’s The Bachelorette 2016 spring season in about a month, and fans cannot wait to see who the show chooses.

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