‘Supernatural’ Spoilers Season 11 Episode 15: Beyond The Mat [Watch]

Supernatural has been powering the CW now for over 11 years and with the next episode, which is episode 15 titled “Beyond the Mat,” the Winchester boys are about to go back to their childhood fantasy in a wrestling ring.

When Supernatural’s Dean Winchester sees an obituary that takes him by surprise, he and brother Sam will have a new mission, but it will be a break from hunting the Darkness and fighting the supernatural demons. Instead, they will be taking some time off to honor a wrestler they both grew up idolizing, according to TV Guide.

So in order to pay tribute in “Beyond The Mat,” Sam and Dean show up at the funeral of the wrestler so they can honor what was considered to be a lasting memory of their childhood. Not only will they be attending the funeral, but they will also be heading to the grudge match at ringside to watch what they found to be so endearing when they were young.

But soon after they think they are away from the day-to-day business, the supernatural shows right up at ringside beside them, in one way or another.

Another wrestler is going to turn up dead and there are no ordinary circumstances attributed to it. So Sam and Dean will be going to work on their next Supernatural case of the week. There will even be an appearance by Castiel/Lucifer in the next episode, considering nearly all of their cases tie in to the big bad somehow.

Just take into consideration how the last episode played out on Supernatural, as reported by Entertainment Weekly. It all started off with a woman who was undercover as an American spy in 1943, embedded within the Nazi camp. She turns out to be with the Men of Letters and steals an important artifact that God himself touched.

But on her journey home in a submarine, the supernatural came looking for her in the form of super Nazis. This turned out to be an artifact that Sam and Dean need to defeat the Darkness, so Dean travels back in time to board the submarine with Cas/Luci in tow. But Lucifer could not get aboard the ship due to a warding spell, so he got sent back to the present with Sam.

In the past, Dean has to convince the lady and the crew who he is so he can retrieve the artifact and not let it be lost to the ages, like history said. There is also no hope for the crew because one way or another, that sub was going down.

Dean had to get creative with his own supernatural prowess just to find a means to get it, and himself, off the sub before it gets sunk by the Nazis. Once he is able to convince the lady of who he is and what time he is from, things go from bad to worse when he has to actually kill her to get the spell broken. Otherwise, Castifer cannot get aboard and bring him back to the present.

Of course, back in the present, Sam and Castifer are busy looking for ways to bring Dean back and when things get a little screwed up with logic, Castifer reveals to Sam who he is under the skin. Luci takes a shot at Sam and tries to kill him but Castiel makes an appearance from deep within and explains everything, ultimately letting the cat out of the bag and pitting angels against the Winchesters, again on Supernatural.

On a show like Supernatural, angels should always be worried when a Winchester has a bone to pick with them. Suffice it to say that the episode ended with Sam and Dean safely away from Castifer, but the artifact got used up before the return trip.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]