'Walking Dead' Spoilers: Will Lori Return In Season 6?

Walking Dead spoilers are running wild after Sunday's mid-season premiere shocked many viewers. [Warning: Spoilers below!] The episode saw many characters die, such as Jessie, Ron, and Sam, but also saw Carl's eye get shot out. Since then, everyone wants to know what will happen next, and one crazy theory is that Carl's mother, Lori, who died in Season 3 of the show, may return in Season 6.

According to Unreality TV, the Walking Dead comic book series could provide some insight and spoilers in what's to come when Carl wakes up after his gruesome injury and is missing an eye.

In the Walking Dead comic book series, Carl is shot in the eye and left in a coma. When he finally wakes up, he is confused and asks his father, Rick, where his mother, Lori, is. It seems Carl is missing big chunks of his memory and doesn't remember that his mother is dead. On the show, Lori died while giving birth to daughter Judith, but was shot dead in the comic series. Carl also asks about Tyreese, who is also dead at this time.

The Walking Dead: Lori and Carl.
[Image via AMC]The report suggests that it is possible that there could be some sort of flashback scene with Lori and Carl or Lori and Rick. Walking Dead fans have already seen an entire flashback episode involving Morgan and what happened to him after Rick saw him in his panicked state. The site even reveals that actress Sarah Wayne Callies, who played Lori on the show, posted a photo of herself and Andrew Lincoln, the actor who portrays Rick Grimes, sparking rumors that Lori will be seen yet again on the show.

Crazy things are happening on The Walking Dead, and Lori returning for a short arc would only be the tip of the iceberg. In addition to Carl losing his eye and Jessie and her children dying, bigger things are coming. Many fans already know that the character of Negan will first be seen in the Season 6 finale, and that he's going to bring with him some serious drama in a scene that is likely to leave every single viewer shocked.

According to Walking Dead spoilers, when we first meet Negan, he won't be alone. He'll at least have Lucille with him. Lucille is Negan's weapon of choice, a baseball bat with barbed wire wrapped around it. Negan will reportedly bash someone's head in, killing a character on the show. Fans are already speculating about who the character could be and names such as Daryl, Glenn, Michonne, and Abraham are being thrown around. Many viewers are already scared for Daryl Dixon's safety, as he's arguably the most popular character on the show.

The Walking Dead: Rick and Carl.
[Image via AMC]Late last year, footage leaked of Negan swinging his bat to end someone's life, but it was unclear about who ended up receiving the blow. The footage was grainy at best, and so unclear that it only sent some fans into an even bigger panic knowing that someone truly terrible is coming in only a few short episodes. Meanwhile, the gang will have a lot to deal with until the time that they meet Negan. In a newly-released preview for next week's episode, Rick and Daryl are out on the road, and finally together on screen again, but seem to have found themselves in some sort of trouble. The two men, who have become much like brothers to each other, are seemingly running for their lives, but their attackers are unclear.

What are your thoughts on all the intense Walking Dead spoilers? Would you want to see Lori return in a dream or flashback scene?

[Image via AMC]