Leonardo DiCaprio: Play On His Oscar Ambitions In ‘Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage’ Video Game [Video]

As everyone knows, it is Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio’s dream to win an Oscar. So much so that someone made a video game and dubbed it Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage.

Now you, too, can battle it out to ensure the well-deserving actor gets his very own Academy Award for his grueling role in The Revenant, with the satirical new video game.

While #OscarsSoWhite is probably the most prevalent story these days, the fact that Leonardo DiCaprio has been nominated but has never won an Oscar is a sad and well-known fact.

When the average viewer thinks what Leo went through while making The Revenant, suffering freezing conditions, smelly animal hides, and eating raw bison liver, the guy really does deserve an Oscar.

While hoping this year will be different, as Leonardo DiCaprio gets his fourth nomination, we will just have to wait until February 28 to find out if his luck has changed during the 88th Academy Awards.

In the meantime, DiCaprio fans can “help” their pal Leo win an Oscar with a new and hilarious video game, dubbed appropriately Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage.

The new, arcade-style video game, created by The Line Animation, puts you in control of a tiny Leonardo DiCaprio as he races down the red carpet in pursuit of his much-desired Oscar.

As the Hollywood Reporter mentions, there are various rewards, including collecting as many Emmys and Golden Globes as possible along the way to help our trusty character in his quest. However, there are also challenges that have to be faced, including avoiding icebergs (Titanic here we come), the paparazzi, and, probably the most challenging of all, the dreaded Lady Gaga.

A very recognizable little Leo DiCaprio will also get to battle it out by outrunning fellow Oscar nominees, such as Eddie Redmayne, Bryan Cranston, and Michael Fassbender, having to crawl to the car in a bonus game, just like in The Wolf of Wall Street and — probably a little controversial considering the #OscarsSoWhite campaign — pick out the one black person among a sea of white faces in the audience in the “find the black nominee” bonus game.

The video game is relatively tame, so if you aren’t normally a gamer, you can still get by as it isn’t the most sophisticated video game out there. The whole thing is more about pointing out the sheer ridiculousness of the whole Oscar season, with all its flaws and achievements. Satire and fun are the order of the game.

As an article in Mashable says, it is usually hard to deliver comedy in a video game, but according to them, Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage totally “nails it.”

Whether you care about Leonardo DiCaprio winning an Oscar or not, the video game is fun to play. Have a look at the gameplay in the video included below, or try out Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage for yourself.

On a more serious note, while Leo has not yet won his coveted Oscar, the Inquisitr reports he got to reunite with Kate Winslet recently while accepting his award as Best Actor at the BAFTAS for his role in The Revenant.

While we can still help him battle the various actors for an Oscar, he did, in this case, successfully beat out Eddie Redmayne (The Danish Girl), Bryan Cranston (Trumbo), Matt Damon (The Martian), and Michael Fassbender (Steve Jobs). Forgot to mention, they included some BAFTAS as rewards in the video game too.

[Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Screen Actors Guild Foundation]