Lakers Rumors: Byron Scott Fired, LA Lakers Lose Draft Pick In NBA Offseason?

Lakers rumors address more than just trades this week. There are new LA Lakers rumors about Byron Scott getting fired, the team losing its first-round pick in the 2016 NBA Draft, and the pending free agency period in the NBA offseason. The team could be really busy when the 2016 NBA Playoffs begin for 16 other teams. A report from late Tuesday, February 16 came out in the LA Times discussing the future of this struggling franchise. If Lakers fans thought the current record was enough bad news, the offseason could make things even worse.

Regarding Byron Scott getting fired, it still appears that the front office can’t seem to make out whether he is a positive or negative influence on the team. While the talent Scott gets to put on the court is questionable this season, he also has a reputation of being very hard on young players. Could that toughness be part of the reason that the Lakers are now 11-44 and only getting worse as the NBA season progresses? Or does Scott need another chance from the Lakers front office to coach the 2016-17 NBA season?

There are a high number of LA Lakers trade rumors as the NBA deadline approaches on February 18. Players like Roy Hibbert, Lou Williams, Nick Young, Brandon Bass, and possibly Jordan Clarkson are available and could be included in deals over the next two days. The team will likely keep D’Angelo Russell and Julius Randle, with an eye on adding another high lottery pick to the mix through the 2016 NBA Draft. Trading some of the veteran players could possibly yielded more picks in that upcoming draft as well.

Lakers Lose To Pacers

In regard to the Lakers’ first-round pick in the 2016 NBA Draft, the team does not currently own it. The Philadelphia 76ers own that pick after acquiring it from the Phoenix Suns. This dates back to when the Lakers traded the pick for Steve Nash, who ended up playing very little during his time in Los Angeles. The small piece of good news is that the pick is top 3 protected, meaning the Lakers retain it if the team gets one of the top three draft positions in the draft. It will all come down to the NBA Draft Lottery to determine its value.

Currently the Lakers have the second-worst record in the NBA at 11-44, giving the team a good chance at not only getting a top 3 pick, but possibly the first overall selection. The risk here, though, is that two teams further down in the draft order get picked for the top two positions. That could bump the Lakers down to the fourth position, causing the team to forfeit its pick to the Philadelphia 76ers. That’s a lot of incentive for 76ers fans to also start rooting for the Lakers to win more games. The Phoenix Suns and Brooklyn Nets are each at 14-40 with a three-game “lead” over the Lakers.

The 2015-16 NBA season is going to forever go down as the Kobe Bryant retirement parade, with the team suffering to keep its future Hall of Fame shooting guard in the starting lineup. Bryant’s numbers have not been good this year, and it has come at the expense of developing younger players on the roster. It’s a decision that the Lakers’ front office willingly made, but it hasn’t helped the long-term competitiveness of the team. That could all change in the offseason.

Kobe Bryant All-Star Game

Even after the NBA trade deadline passes on February 18, there are going to continue to be many LA Lakers rumors about where the team is heading next. Byron Scott getting fired after two extremely sub-par seasons would likely surprise no fans of the team, but another coach hiring process could serve as an unneeded distraction in the NBA offseason.

[Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images]