Louis Tomlinson’s Family Hit Out Over One Direction ‘Babygate’ Theories

Louis Tomlinson’s family have hit out at One Direction fans who are having a hard time believing that Louis has become a father. One Direction star Louis became a father for the first time last month, but many fans believe that the entire story about the first One Direction baby stinks worse than last week’s fish. The news that Louis was to become a father was broken in U.K. tabloid The Sun last July, and from that point on, Tomlinson’s fans smelled a rat.

The original story about Louis’ baby with Briana Jungwirth was not announced by the traditional statement to the press. Instead it was relayed to the Sun’s U.S. editor, Pete Samson, by an unnamed source. Mr. Samson is married to Anne-Marie Samson, who is Simon Cowell’s PR chief and who looks after One Direction’s “psychological welfare.” Of course, there is absolutely no evidence that Ms. Samson passed information to The Sun via her husband, but many of Tomlinson’s fans were immediately suspicious.

Tomlinson and baby mama Briana were photographed together leaving L.A. nightspots last spring, but Jungwirth dropped out of sight once the news broke that she was pregnant with Louis child. Oddly, Louis made just one 11-word statement about his impending fatherhood, and then, as was reported in The Inquisitr, he banned journalists from asking questions about baby Tomlinson.

As the world must know by now, Briana gave birth to Freddie Reign Tomlinson on January 21, and early the next day Louis announced his arrival on Twitter. Bizarrely, Louis has still never mentioned Briana’s name publicly. Tomlinson’s announcement on Twitter and his subsequent publishing of a photo of himself with little Freddie on Instagram do not contain so much as a message saying “mother and baby are doing well.”

We must bear in mind that Tomlinson has thousands of reasons to be suspicious of the press. Louis has been subjected to thousands of false and misleading articles since One Direction came to prominence just over five years ago. It is undoubtedly the case that Louis does not trust the media and as a result does all in his power to protect those he is close to from press intrusion. Of course, Louis and One Direction’s careers rely heavily on media attention, so Tomlinson treads a very fine line.

It must be hugely frustrating for Louis to see Daily Mail publish an informational copy of Freddie’s birth certificate online and equally frustrating to see the Daily Mirror report on how much child support Tomlinson is paying to Briana.

Tomlinson is, of course, a public figure and undoubtedly understands the scrutiny that goes with his high-profile. It is also natural for Louis to want to protect his son from press intrusion. Sadly, Louis’ silence also gives rise to an unwanted side-effect. It is human nature for people to want to fill silence by trying to make sense of what they know by joining the dots to expose the truth, and Louis’ fans have been doing just that.

Fans of Tomlinson and One Direction have become used to misleading stories and PR stunts over the years, and as a result, many treat every story with suspicion. Many of Tomlinson’s fans were convinced that the story about Louis becoming a dad was some sort of crazy stunt, and a plethora of theories emerged as a result. Many expected Louis to demand a paternity test, which would prove that he is not Freddie’s father.

Understandably, many remain suspicious, but what is now becoming clear is that Tomlinson’s family – and no doubt Louis himself – are being hurt by the ongoing speculation. What is now clear is that Louis has accepted that Freddie is his son. A birth certificate has been issued, so there will be no paternity denial.

There is no denying that the way the entire baby story has been handled has been a PR disaster for Tomlinson. Many of Louis fans have been hurt and frustrated, and the issue has caused a great deal of conflict between fans. Many of Tomlinson’s fans are confused and bewildered by the entire side-show, but Louis and his family are being hurt as a result.

Over recent days, both Louis’ mother, Johannah Deakin, and his sister have taken the somewhat unusual step of publicly expressing their frustration. As reported by Sugarscape Louis mum moved to shut down fans who deny that baby Freddie exists.

Louis’ sister was even more forthright in her condemnation of fans who have been rude and who have attacked her for defending Tomlinson’s son.

Tomlinson’s fans are passionate, they have invested in Louis and in One Direction emotionally, and they feel they have been treated badly with regard to this story. Tomlinson’s fans have been awaiting an end to what has been termed “babygate.” Many fans believed that the endgame would be Louis denying paternity or proof emerging that Tomlinson was not Freddie’s father.

With Freddie Tomlinson’s birth certificate now being in the public domain, and with Louis family lashing out at fans who are still speculating, it would seem that we have seen the end-game already. It is time to back off and allow Louis to enjoy parenthood. Many fans will still believe that Tomlinson’s baby is a massive conspiracy to keep Louis closeted, and who knows where this fiasco will end, but no-one will want to see an innocent baby being hurt.

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