Daryl Dixon's Angel Wing Injury: Is Norman Reedus' Character Infected On 'The Walking Dead'?

On The Walking Dead midseason premiere, titled "No Way Out," Daryl Dixon was injured. Blood was soaking through his vest, turning one angel wing bright red. Was there a specific reason why Daryl Dixon's injury was directly underneath the wing and why the camera zoomed in on it? What does it mean for Norman Reedus' character on season 6 of The Walking Dead?

It seems there are a lot of theories on the possibility of Daryl Dixon dying in season 6. Some wonder if the bloody angel wing on his vest is a clue of Norman Reedus' fate on The Walking Dead. It's a logical speculation, especially considering what comic book readers know about Negan.

No one is safe on The Walking Dead, even Daryl Dixon. Rumors about Norman Reedus being killed off the zombie series escalated when the actor received his own AMC motorcycle show. However, he is a fan favorite and is a gold mine for TWD. Knowing this, would Robert Kirkman really kill Daryl Dixon?

To be fair, the bloody angel wing might not mean anything. Although many episodes of The Walking Dead will have clues, not everything has a hidden meaning. With that being said, fans still love to speculate.

It is easier to create theories when there is a lot of information available. There is a debate among TWD fans on if the angel wings on Daryl Dixon's vest mean something specific. When looking for facts on Dixon's angel vest, the only information found was on a wiki page. Even though it was listed as trivia, no source was named or linked and even one fan doubted the validity of the statement.

"At the bottom of the trivia section it refers to Daryl [sic] angel wing vest," a reader commented on The Walking Dead Wikia. "Those are a symbol of the Hell's Angels, and hardly a metaphor for kindness in the show."

Norman Reedus' character on The Walking Dead has changed tremendously over the seasons. If the bloody angel wing doesn't foreshadow Daryl's death, than what does it symbolize? One theory is it may indicate things are about to get ripped apart, broken, and torn. The actor hinted that in season 6, Daryl Dixon won't be so nice anymore.

"As far as Daryl is concerned, he is pissed off," Norman Reedus told Entertainment Weekly. "He's had his stuff taken from him. He put himself out there and trusted some people, and it did backfire on him, and I think he comes back super pissed off."

On The Walking Dead midseason premiere, Negan's goons took Daryl's crossbow. They also threatened to take Sasha and Abraham's lives. Reedus said that his character takes it "really personally." Expect to see Dixon plan revenge and go back to his roots. Just how much will Daryl change in season 6? So much that Merle would be proud of his brother, Reedus teased.

It seems that something more must happen to make Daryl plan revenge and revert to his old ways. Negan's men were taken out almost immediately. It was dealt with so quickly that viewers know it isn't the end of the Saviors storyline. There has to be more, and there might be, according to comic book spoilers. Fans might need to prepare themselves for Daryl Dixon's death on The Walking Dead.

"Negan's men used some downright dirty tactics against Rick's group," ScreenCrush revealed. "Namely coating their weapons in walker filth to infect anyone they cut."

If Daryl Dixon doesn't die in The Walking Dead from the zombie infection, he may exit another way. During the past few days, TWD fans have been talking about a possible eyewitness to Daryl killing Negan's messenger boys.

MoviePilot wrote that someone saw what happened when Daryl Dixon's rocket launcher blew up Negan's men. A car off in the distance was spotted. It could just be a continuity error, something that was missed during filing and editing. However, a lot of people believe that Daryl, Abraham and Sasha were being watched.

Will Negan want to get revenge for Daryl killing his henchmen? Is Dixon's cut infected with the zombie virus? Was the bloody angel wing a sign that Norman Reedus is leaving The Walking Dead?

[Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for AMC]