James Kennedy’s New Girlfriend Could Be Next Miss California If She Has Her Way

James Kennedy of Vanderpump Rules has a new girl in his life and it is not Lala Kent. Even though James and Lala have still been seen spending time together, he has moved on and found a new girl. Now Bustle is sharing about James Kennedy’s new girlfriend and she actually could end up being the next Miss California. So who won James Kennedy over? James is actually dating a girl by the name of Raquel Levvis and these two are spending a lot of time together.

James hasn’t been shy about spoiling the fact that things are over with Lala. He is posting pictures of himself and Raquel all over social networks. James and Raquel even spent Valentine’s Day together, and it looks like they are getting along great. Right now she is the Miss Sonoma County and Raquel is all about pageants and wants to actually win Miss California one day. Now James would have to stay out of the headlines if his girlfriend is going to have that clean cut image.

On Instagram, James Kennedy’s new girlfriend posted all about this dream and how important it is to her.

“Not a single day goes by without working toward my dream of being the next Miss California USA. The first preliminary competition is less than a month away! As I compete for the title of Miss Santa Monica, I know I have so many generous supporters who have believed in me for many years. I owe everything to the people who make it possible to compete in the USA system.”

James’ new girlfriend Raquel is pretty enough to pull it off. She goes to college and even shared that she is “studying Pre-Physical Therapy to become a Pediatric Physical therapist for children who have special needs and physical impairments due to severe intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).” It doesn’t sound like James Kennedy’s new girlfriend will end up being a server at SUR, but if things keep going well for them then she could possibly end up on Vanderpump Rules.

Star Pulse shared that it looks like James Kennedy isn’t the only one moving on. Lala Kent might also have decided to get over James and find love on her own. Lala shared a photo of a man and said that he was her man crush everyday, even going on to call him her baby. Lala didn’t go into the details of what her new relationship is though.

Hopefully, Lala Kent has found herself a good man. It will be interesting to see if she shares the details of what is going on with her. Lately, it was revealed that she still spends time with her ex-boyfriend Hayes Pullard. Lala is pretty quiet about her personal life and fans want to know the details when she is ready to share. James may have just not been a perfect match for her.

James and Lala never got serious, but the two have been very obvious that they are into each other. They like to make out, but neither one of them has taken it very far and turned it into more than just friends that enjoy time with each other. James and Lala are also good friends, so hopefully they can stay that way even if they are both in new relationships.

Are you shocked to hear that James Kennedy has moved on to a new girl? Do you think that James and Raquel are a great match? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss new episodes of Vanderpump Rules on Mondays on Bravo. It will probably be next season before you get to see James’ new girlfriend.

[Image Via Instagram]