‘Amazon Yesterday’ Video is a Humorous Look at the Wonder That is Amazon.com’s Efficiency

‘Amazon Yesterday’ would be a rift in the space-time continuum and thus far does not exist, but a hilarious video we spotted linked on the retailer’s Facebook page yesterday humorously pokes fun at how the online sales giant manages to time and again outstrip our expectations for service and price.

Amazon.com has ruled the online superstore space for some time, providing amazing value and physics-defying speed for years now. At the heart of the efficiency is Amazon Prime, a pay service that — for what works out to a few bucks a month — enables you to select one or two-day shipping and only incur a very slight upcharge for the former.

Personally, I’ve been a Prime customer since 2008, and I have never been able to let my Amazon perks lapse, even when I was a poor single parent and recently separated. Despite being newly swingle and with two kids to raise, the money I saved not physically going to stores and hiding Christmas presents the first year Santa came to our new house outweighed the approximately $80 cost of Amazon Prime membership.

(And for a few segments of the population like students, Amazon Prime is free. Which is pretty awesome.)

The interesting thing about Amazon, though, is that even their one-day shipping — which is, by definition, fast — gets to your house oftentimes in a terrifyingly quick window of time. I’ve worn dresses I didn’t even know existed 24 hours earlier, due to the site’s liberal windows of ordering and cheap one-day shipping features.

So check out the clip below — is this totally how you feel about Amazon versus other online and or bricks and mortar retailers?