Bow Wow Grammys 2016: ‘CSI Cyber’ Actor Shad Moss Addresses Pre-Show Timing Issues

Actor Shad “Bow Wow” Moss opened up on social media Tuesday about the timing issues experienced during the Grammys 2016 broadcast.

The CSI Cyber actor used Instagram to explain the timing errors to his followers and fans.

In one particular post, Bow Wow thanked his CBS family and the Grammys 2016 ceremony for allowing him to host. He briefly mentioned that the timing “was off” but that he handled the situation as a professional.

“Thanks to the grammys and my CBS family for allowing me to host. We powered through (even though time was off) and kept the show moving forward THATS whats separates professionals from beginners. I got so much love and positive feedback i appreciated. We back at again next year! 2017 Grammy’s.”

Bow Wow

In an Instagram video posted Monday night, Bow Wow explained that he had to “stretch it out” and “keep it moving.”

“When you live anything happens. Great ones drive through! Nothing new! Thanks cbs and grammys. Back at it next year baby!”

The 28-year-old rapper-turned-actor attempted to transition from the Grammy pre-show (which he hosted) to the live broadcast of the Grammys 2016 ceremony successfully.

At first glance, it seemed as if Bow Wow had everything lined up to segue to the Grammys 2016 ceremony without any hiccups whatsoever. He even had a good bit to introduce the broadcast. He looked down at his watch before looking back up at the camera to say that the “58th Annual Grammy Awards are getting ready to start….now.”

Bow Wow even flashed a well-timed smile as the camera shot zoomed back out away from him.

The only problem was that the actor’s timing about 90 seconds off.

As seen in the footage, viewers at home were able to see the clock in the bottom left corner of the screen, counting down the minutes and seconds remaining until the Grammys 2016 broadcast officially began. However, Bow Wow apparently did not have access to the same timing information.

Within just a few seconds after his first attempt to transition the broadcast, Bow Wow apparently realized that he was still live on the air for a little while longer.

He tried (and failed) to get a lady to dance with him in the aisle to the band that was playing and marching nearby. He successfully managed to keep talking while avoiding any dead air. Moments later, Bow Wow decided to try to make the transition to the Grammys 2016 stage once again; he even referenced the official Grammy host LL Cool J. However, he still jumped the gun a little too early – twice.

Unfortunately, Bow Wow’s timing mishaps did not go unnoticed on Twitter. Quite a few people targeted the former 106 and Park host with negative remarks and criticism.

Charlamagne tha God, co-host of The Breakfast Club morning radio talk show, gave Bow Wow the infamous “Donkey of the Day” award on Tuesday morning for the timing issues. BET reports that Charlamagne mentioned that he does “give Shad Moss a hard time and Shad Moss has won in life and will continue to win, but buy was this funny.”

Bow Wow responded to Charlamagne’s Grammys 2016 comments on Instagram by sarcastically referring to him as his “biggest fan.” Bow Wow further recommended that Charlamagne “buff shine” his Burberry dress shoes “for bleach cream and a Proactive coupon.”

[Image Credit: Bryan Steffy/Getty Images]