WWE Rumors: Superstar Confirms Retirement Is Coming This Summer

In the past week, WWE has already lost one former champion to retirement, and it seems as if they may lose another before the end of the year. Daniel Bryan's retirement was very shocking and upsetting to so many, but it's not like it was totally unexpected. Now, his wife, Brie Bella, may end up joining in retirement, as she revealed on Good Morning America that is may be time to hang up the boots this summer.

Word first started going around on Monday that the former Divas Champion and current Total Divas star would soon retire from in-ring competition. On Tuesday morning's Good Morning America, she confirmed that it's coming sooner rather than later.

"Feeling and seeing everything he went through with his retirement, I just feel that it's time for me to hang up the boots. It's gonna be hard on me as well, but that day is definitely very close."

She continued on in the interview to state that her retirement announcement can be expected "sometime this summer." Right now, she is in a feud with Charlotte and has a match at Fastlane for the Divas Championship.

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On Good Morning America, Bryan and Bella spoke on the harshness of being in WWE rings and the toll it takes on a person's body and head. They went deep into the concussion issue, which ended up forcing Bryan into his retirement announcement last week on Monday Night Raw.

After the interview last night and this morning, WWE.com has officially issued a statement on what Brie Bella had to say. They start things off with a question wondering if Brie Bella will retire this summer, and then turn it into a thing of "wonder."

"In an interview with 'Good Morning America,' Brie Bella, alongside recently retired husband, Daniel Bryan, revealed that she may also retire this summer.

"Speaking with 'GMA's' Kayna Whitworth, Brie and Bryan spoke openly on several topics, one of which being the in-ring future of the 'Total Divas' star.

"'Feeling and seeing everything he went through with his retirement, it's time for me to hang up the boots. It's going to be hard for me as well, but that day is definitely very close,' Brie said.

"Whitworth later revealed that Brie is currently targeting a potential retirement date for some time this summer."

"Stay tuned to WWE.com for any further developments on this story."

With Daniel Bryan retiring from the ring and, as he said during his speech on Raw last week, wanting to start a family, then this shouldn't be surprising. Brie Bella may very well want to have more time with her husband now that he won't necessarily be on the road or competing anymore.

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Brie Bella is a former Divas Champion and has even won a Slammy Award for Couple of the Year back in 2013 and 2014 with Bryan. WWE may be wanting to give her one more run with the Divas Title before she ends up retiring if it really does happen this summer.

Knowing that her retirement wouldn't come at least until the summer, she will also still be around for WrestleMania 32 if there is going to be a place for her. Her sister Nikki Bella recently had neck surgery, so she is out for quite some time and may be waiting for her to return before she retires.

The Bella Twins first started with WWE in Florida Championship Wrestling back in 2007 and then were released by the company in mid-2012. They went to the independent circuit for a very short period of time before returning to WWE in early 2013.

If it's true and Brie Bella does retire from WWE this summer, it shouldn't be overly unexpected, since she appears to be ready to stand by Daniel Bryan. That's the loss of two huge stars in less than a year, but as with wrestling, anything can possibly change and only time will tell.

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