Beyoncé Protesters Were A No Show: The Anti-Anti Beyoncé Counter Protest Is Growing Rapidly Into An Epic Party Supporting Bey

Beyoncé protesters apparently decided to call off the anti-Beyoncé rally, but the anti-anti Beyoncé movement is off to a great start. The atmosphere there is empowering and festive, at least according to the tweets. Reporters present outnumbered protesters of either side by a wide margin early this morning, but attendance is swelling rapidly.

Pro-Beyoncé protesters soon flooded the sidewalks and ground, with no anti-Bey protest in sight. Law enforcement attended the New York City rally to provide crowd safety, not to take sides. They were alerted last week of a plan to hold an anti-Beyoncé rally in front of the NFL building this Tuesday, then came a report of a counter protest at the same time and place, as reported by Inquisitr. Of course, it sounded potentially dangerous, so police came to ensure the safety of both crowds.

Reporters mobbed the scene in hopes of a good story, and they got the scoop, but saw no violence or scary confrontations. The rally has turned into a Beyoncé love fest, with a lot of people of all races, including whites, supporting Bey. A day begun with anticipation of division, ended up as a day of unity for all people.

Beyonce protest shocker

Pro-Beyoncé protesters or anti-anti-Beyoncé counter protesters, as they were called initially, are really just people standing up for the right to express artistically how one feels. Though some were initially shocked by the halftime performance, it doesn’t make sense to protest her statement. Art can be disrespectful in content to shock people, without inferring hate.

Unfortunately though, Beyoncé protest supporters did not come dressed as Bey or her dancers, as the invitation suggested. It is cold and raining in New York City today, so black leather coats and dark rain jackets seem to be a favorite, but not thigh high stockings and skimpy costumes. It is simply too cold and wet for that, and it is obvious that the anti-anti-Beyoncé crowd isn’t eager to go home early, despite the cold drizzle.

Beyonce in V formation

Pro-Beyoncé supporters are in high spirits. Police and reporters seemed to be enjoying themselves as well. The can all relax and have a great time, because there have been none of the violent confrontations that were a major concern going into the protest and counter protest.

Three anti-Beyoncé protesters showed up eventually, to be fair, but they were late to the event and left soon. NY’s The Cut identified the unlikely trio as Ariel Kohane, who is a volunteer for the Ted Cruz campaign, a woman named April, wearing a toboggan with the word “Police” on it, and a man in a New York Giant’s jacket who was smart enough not to give his name.

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The three anti-Beyoncé protesters didn’t seem like haters as much as genuinely concerned people who took something she did personally. Beyonce is deepening as an artist, and she is ready to talk about grown up issues, even political and racial issues. Most serious musicians, rappers, rock bands, and artists do occasionally make controversial statements.

The anti-anti Beyoncé protesters have won the day, with a unified support of Beyoncé.