Chris Bosh: Possible Blood Clot In Left Calf Threatens Play For The Rest Of The Season

Chris Bosh may be facing another serious health condition: a blood clot in his left leg, according to a report from the Miami Herald. After missing the All-Star Game on Sunday because of a reported strained left calf, Miami Heat forward Bosh returned to Miami for tests. Sources tell the Miami Herald that the tests showed a possible blood clot.

When asked via text to confirm the diagnosis, agent Henry Thomas responded, “Too soon for all of that… Too soon to report that.”

Yahoo! Sports is reporting that Chris will meet with doctors on Thursday to determine the seriousness of his condition and to determine whether putting him on blood thinners would improve his condition enough to allow him to play again this season.

Bosh has played in the All-Star Game 11 times but pulled out of this weekend’s game as well as this weekend’s three-point contest when concerns about a clot arose. Doctors were concerned about Chris flying from Toronto to Florida, but he didn’t encounter any issues on his flight. Doctors are more optimistic about his condition now than they were over the weekend.

This isn’t the first time Bosh has dealt with blood clots. Last season, Chris missed eight games due to a calf injury. When he returned, he played 21 games but was having problems breathing. During the All-Star break, doctors identified clots in Bosh’s lungs and said that they had probably started in his calves. Chris was treated with blood thinners at that time and sat out the rest of the season in order to avoid physical contact. Bosh said at the time that he had been told the chance of a recurrence was “fairly low,” saying he had been told that recurrence would be a stronger possibility if there were a genetic disposition for clotting. There is no indication of an issue with his lungs in Bosh’s current situation.

In speaking about his condition last year, Chris Bosh said that he had learned about some precautions he could take to prevent a recurrence, and he was committed to following through on them. Bosh said this about prevention.

“Just the small things. Making sure after a game that you continue to move, that’s the most important thing, keep that blood pumping in the legs. And, as a taller guy, it’s a little bit tougher for circulation.”

Chris said on Saturday that he wanted to be as cautious as possible and not take any chances.

“As an athlete, we try to keep going with some things, treating it. But it just lingered. And I didn’t feel it was wise to continue to push it, especially with this elongated week that we have off. I just wanted to make sure I was taking the necessary precautions and being a good professional.”

Chris Bosh is in his second year of a five-year contract with the Heat. He’s been a strong player for the team this year, and if another blood clot diagnosis forces Bosh to sit out the rest of the season, it could put their chances of participating in post-season games in danger. NBC Miami indicates that a season without Chris Bosh could also put a wrench in the Heat’s plans to trade Hassan Whitehead. There is no obvious replacement for Bosh on the team.

Bosh is 31-years-old and has an average of 19.1 points and 7.4 rebounds per game for the Heat. Chris was drafted by the Toronto Raptors in 2003 and moved to the Miami Heat in 2010. Chris has been married to Adrienne Williams since 2011. They have two children together, a 3-year-old son named Jackson and a 2-year-old daughter named Dylan Skye.

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