Entrepreneurs Selling $2.50 Tap Water In NYC

A team of entrepreneurs in Upstate New York have been to sell tap water that they claim is better than the stuff coming out of sinks throughout the states. The group of water salesman say New York’s water supply is full of prescription drugs, pesticides, herbicides and other contaminates that their system removes through the use of ultraviolet rays, ozone treatments and reverse osmosis.

The owner of the company Molecule remove those contaminates from city tap water by running it through a $25,000 seven-stage filter.

The water is not just your run of the mill see through stuff though, the company’s lineup includes the ability to add electrolytes or pH infusions into the filtered water. The company also offers a variety of vitamin shots, fruit mixes, herbs, roots and mushrooms that they claim can boost energy, offer immunity an even make your “skin, hair and nails” look better and grow faster.

While consumers worried about their health may be snatching up the $2.50 bottles of water officials in New York are not happy with the company’s claims, a DEP spokesman call New York’s city water supply the “safest, highest quality (water) in the world, a standard we confirm through more than 500,000 tests each year.”

Admittedly not everyone finds the water to taste any different but the company’s owners say discerning water drinkers can taste the subtle differences.

Filtering tap water from New York’s municipal water supply and selling it to customers at a premium is nothing new, remember that the next time you by a bottle of water from Coca-Cola’s Dasani product line.