Lauryn Hill 'Disappoints' After No-Show At Scheduled Grammy Performance

American singer and songwriter Lauryn Hill failed to show up at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards on Monday held at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles.

Hill, 40, who is also an actress and music producer, did not notify the Grammys production team that she would not make it to her collaboration song number with The Weeknd.

A representative from Hill's camp released a statement explaining why the singer did not show up at the music awards night.

"The Grammy's announced a performance by Ms. Lauryn Hill prematurely and without approval," the statement said. "Hill had concerts all weekend, leaving no time to prepare, and was uncertain she would even be able to make it to LA in time to rehearse for the event."

The statement added that Hill's camp did not receive any confirmation from the Grammys and that the organization should not have advertised her involvement because of it.

The statement ended by explaining that it had nothing to do with The Weeknd, as she considered him "an artist she appreciates."

The performance was supposed to be a surprise, but because it was set up at the last minute, it did not pan out. A representative for the Grammys also clarified with Billboard that Lauryn Hill was not included in the lineup of performers for the event.

However, Academy President Neil Portnow claimed that none of the statements released by Hill's camp are accurate.

Portnow lashed out at the "Killing Me Softly with His Song" singer and called her "a disappointment."

"It's a disappointment to us and a disappointment to her," he said.

Portnow added that the entire crew was ready, until the very moment of the performance, for Lauryn Hill to make an appearance and share the stage with The Weeknd.

The Academy president said that it surprised him not to see the singer, because she was apparently present during a dress rehearsal on Monday morning. A picture of the rehearsal was even posted on Instagram by The Shader Room Inc.

After completing the rehearsal, Hill left the building but failed to "get back in time to make the show."

"I'm sorry, that's the bottom line. That's the truth. That's unfortunate. I guess those things happen," said Portnow.

Sources also said that Hill did not agree with the Grammys' production team. There were also rumors saying that she skipped the performance due to traffic.

As a result, The Weeknd, who performed at the Grammys for the first time, played solo near the beginning of the awards night, although he still rocked the stage with the hit "In The Night" and the chart-topper "Can't Feel My Face."

It was also a memorable night for him, after taking home two Grammy awards for Best R&B Performance and Best Urban Contemporary Album. He walked the red carpet with his model girlfriend, Bella Hadid, also for the first time.

Meanwhile, another artist who failed to show up to her Grammys performance on Monday was Rihanna.

The "Diamonds" singer canceled her performance number on Monday night due to illness. Her doctor advised her against singing that night to avoid further vocal cord damage.

Interestingly, Portnow was more accommodating and understanding of Rihanna's condition, probably because she informed them well ahead of time that she would not be able to come.

"We just hope that she's feeling better," the Academy president said.

Meanwhile, the Grammy Awards still went full steam ahead on Monday night, with electrifying performances from Lady Gaga, Carrie Underwood, Kendrick Lamar, Justin Bieber, Adele, Pitbull, Robin Thicke, and Taylor Swift, who won Album of the Year with 1989.

[Image by Theo Wargo, Getty Images]