Becca Tilley Sends Ben Higgins A Sweet Tweet, Emily Ferguson Thanks Fans For Support

Becca Tilley didn’t find love on The Bachelor again. On the latest episode that aired on Sunday night, Ben Higgins sent Becca home. Becca didn’t seem take the rejection well. She even accused Ben of leading her on. Yet it seems that Becca now has no hard feelings towards Ben.

Becca posted a tweet that thanked her fans for showing her so much kindness and love. She also sent a direct tweet to Ben to tell him that he’s wonderful and that she feels lucky she got to know him.

On the latest episode, Ben took the remaining six women to his hometown of Warsaw, Indiana. He went on one-on-one dates with Lauren Bushnell and JoJo Fletcher. He then went on a group date with Becca, Caila Quinn, and Amanda Stanton. When Becca learned that she was going on a group date rather than a one-on-one date, she made clear to Ben that she wasn’t happy.

“At the very least, I deserve someone who really wants me and wants to be with me, so if it’s not that way for you, it’d be really hard, but at the very least I deserve that.”

Towards the end of the date, Ben gave his rose to Amanda and took her to a McDonald’s. Becca again made her displeasure clear, this time to the camera during her interview. Becca repeated that Ben wasn’t making her feel special and wanted.

“He’s done nothing to really make me feel like there’s something different about me. Why would anyone want to keep putting themselves out there for someone who gives nothing in return?”

During the rose ceremony, Ben ended up sending Becca home. She accused him of “blindsiding” her. He apologized and denied that he intentionally led her on.

“Even a second ago, I wasn’t certain about this. I’m sorry.”

This was the second time Becca Tilley tried to find love on The Bachelor. Previously, she was on Chris Soules’ season, where she came in second behind Whitney Bischoff. Chris sent Becca home after he realized that Becca wasn’t in love with him.

Chris apparently watched Ben send Becca home. Chris tweeted that he has a lot of respect for Ben and knows that he’ll make the right decision.

Will viewers once again see Becca on the franchise? Perhaps she’ll be the one handing out the red roses next? Both Becca’s and Chris’ tweets received a lot of comments stating that Becca needs to be the next The Bachelorette star.

Becca wasn’t the only woman Ben sent home on the latest episode. He also sent Emily Ferguson home, after he took her out on a one-on-one date that involved meeting his parents. Both of Ben’s parents expressed some reservations about Emily. Ben’s father said that Emily “seems a little young” while his mom said that “he definitely has a lot to think about.” Very quickly after his talk with his parents, Ben sent Emily home.

“I just don’t think I can see you being my wife. It’s so hard because I don’t necessarily want to say goodbye, but I know that it’s the best.”

While Becca looked pretty displeased during the car ride home, Emily seemed to take the rejection a lot better. During her car ride home, Emily didn’t accuse Ben Higgins of any wrong behavior but said that whoever ends up with Ben is a very lucky girl.

Like Becca Tilley, Emily Ferguson posted a tweet that thanked her fans for their love and support. She added that she was “so grateful” for her journey on The Bachelor.

[Photo by David Becker/Getty Images]