Duggar Family Update: Jana Duggar Isn’t Getting Her Own TLC Series, Is Still A ‘Cinderella’

Jana Duggar won’t get her moment to shine in the form of her own TV special or reality series. There have been persistent rumors that the Duggar family is filming with TLC again, including whispers that eldest Duggar daughter Jana is the center of attention this time around, instead of her married sisters Jessa and Jill. However, “Cinderella Duggar” might not get the chance to return to TV at all.

According to a recent report by the Hollywood Gossip, rumors about the Duggars returning to TLC are a bit premature. Last year, Josh Duggar admitted to sexually molesting four of his own sisters, and 19 Kids and Counting was cancelled. Many Duggar fans didn’t think it was fair to take Josh’s molestation victims off of TV because of their abuser’s actions, and TLC ultimately brought most of the Duggars back to the small screen in a three-part special that was supposed to be centered on two of Josh’s alleged victims, Jill and Jessa Duggar. However, Josh’s wife Anna also ended up being featured heavily on Jill & Jessa: Counting On.

Jessa and Jill’s unmarried sisters — Joy Anna, Jinger, and Jana Duggar — took a backseat to the wives and moms of the family during Jill & Jessa: Counting On, but recently there’s been talk about a new Duggar special that will focus on Jana’s life as a single lady who is stuck at home working as a sister/mom to her younger siblings. According to Radar Online, Jana Duggar was tailed by a camera crew early last month when she visited a lumberyard with her twin brother John David and a few of her younger siblings. The manager of the lumberyard revealed that he was contacted three times before the Duggars came in with cameramen in tow.

“The production company from Nashville called me last week, it was the day before they wanted to come in and film. Then the normal camera guy for the family called me and then John David did.”

The manager said that the Duggars were there to buy $3,500 worth of lumber for a tree house, and the Duggar Family News: Life Is Not All Pickles and Hairspray Facebook page later provided photographic evidence that the Duggars were indeed building a rather large tree house. However, the Hollywood Gossip is reporting that Jana Duggar is not going to get her own spinoff special that includes the lumber-shopping footage, and the Duggar Family Blog recently denied rumors that the Duggars are returning to TV.

“As of right now, there has been no official, public word from either TLC or the Duggar family regarding the possibility of a new show,” a post on the blog reads. “Rest assured that if and when an announcement is made, we will share all the details.”

The blog acknowledges that the Duggars have been spotted being tailed by camera crews, but this doesn’t mean that the family is for sure returning to TV. TLC could be filming the Duggars now and deciding the family’s fate later—if the network gets enough material for a special or series, maybe fans will get to see the footage. If not, perhaps TLC will finally end its relationship with the Duggar family for good.

If the Duggars are filming, perhaps Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were trying to create a storyline for their new show or special when they decided to surprise Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar by dropping by for a visit. According to People, Jim Bob and Michelle recently jetted off to Central America to spend some time with the missionary couple.

“Jill’s parents surprised us recently with an impromptu visit for a few days. It was great to have them with us and get to show them the work the Lord is doing here,” Derick wrote in a post on the Dillard Family website. “Israel definitely enjoyed all the attention when Grandma and Grandpa Duggar came to visit.”

Duggars In Central America

There’s no word on whether a camera crew accompanied Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar during this visit, or if a TLC camera documented what went on at the parents’ house while they were gone. According to Starcasm, some Duggar fans have criticized Jim Bob and Michelle for leaving all their kids at home for daughters Joy Anna, Jinger, and Jana Duggar to deal care for while they were away.

“Wow Mom and Dad gets to go on vacation? Who’s watching their children? Oh wait, they watch themselves smh,” one commenter wrote.

According to Radar Online, Jana Duggar has been dubbed “Cinderella Duggar” by 19 Kids and Counting fans who have taken note of how often she’s put in charge of caring for her younger siblings.

Jana Duggar Reading

“Jim Bob and Michelle have totally transitioned a lot of their parental responsibilities onto her,” a source revealed.

“Ever since she was young, she’s had to watch over the house while Jim Bob and Michelle would go out for date night alone.”

Unfortunately for 26-year-old Jana, Duggar daughters only get to move out of their parents’ house when they get married. If Jana ever does find a Jim Bob-approved husband, perhaps she’ll finally get her own TV special and a much-deserved break from working as a live-in nanny for her parents.

[Image via Duggar Family Official Facebook]