‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers Episode 10: Season 6 Is Back To Scavenging [Watch]

‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers Episode 10: Season 6 Is Back To Scavenging

The Walking Dead has made a triumphant return to AMC and now that fans have finally seen some resolution to the first half of season 6, episode 10 is about to give them the downside to that bright new day.

The horizon is full of possibilities now that the survivors of The Walking Dead war episode has finally given fans something to cheer for, although it was indeed at great cost. But with every victor comes a defeat.

The core group of The Walking Dead heroes have a new challenge that lies ahead of them now that they have cleared the streets of Alexandria. They must contend with the supplies that are necessary to stay alive. The basic human needs. That becomes a complicated task in episode 10, titled “The Next World,” as reported by TV Guide.

If every episode of The Walking Dead were a victory, then the show would not likely be the highest-rated and most watched drama on television at the moment. So getting back to square one is the first and only priority.

For those who have not seen the previous episode of The Walking Dead, then be warned, spoilers for that show lie ahead.

But for those die-hard The Walking Dead fans that already know, the episode opened up with some of Daryl’s classic old-school glory style of vengeance. As previously reported, Daryl has had a bad day. Scratch that, Daryl has had a bad season. There is so much that has happened to the character over the past nine episodes that he has every reason to be angry with not just the Walkers, but with the world in general.

He has dealt with the scum of the Earth and went to great lengths to protect his people, which includes the core group and the Alexandrians alike. But all he got for it was hung out to dry and left for dead without his crossbow or his bike to survive. He could also probably say that Abraham and Sasha have been swimming in the same pond, but Daryl is about to open up a major can of whoop-a** on a whole lot of people.

So when Negan’s goons stopped him on the last episode of The Walking Dead, what happened should have come as no surprise to fans of the show.

Entertainment Weekly reports that when things got tense after the traffic stop with Daryl and the tanker, his cool head prevailed and he waited until the right moment to take them out. He did not jump on the first possible score, but rather allowed them to take control of the situation and when the moment was right, he blew them all to pieces, keeping Abraham and Sasha alive in the process.

For fans of The Walking Dead, they know all too well that this was more than just a battle victory for Daryl, but rather a graduation from seeking the quick score to ultimately landing the whole stash.

There was also more meat in the episode that The Walking Dead fans were quite taken with. For starters, everyone saw that horrible moment as it unfolded almost quicker than you could have kept up with. Jessie and her son fell to the Walkers. Rick chopped her arm off and released Carl. Her other son picks up the gun and before he fires, Michonne takes him out. But then a squeeze of the trigger puts a bullet hole in Carl’s eye.

The rest of the episode was all about getting Carl to a safe place and tending to his wounds. Then there was the blood lust. Everyone felt it and as soon as they secured the infirmary and got Carl stable, they all took to the streets and massacred the Walkers in a murderous frenzy. There was not a dull moment during the entire scene, or for that matter, the entire episode.

At the end, Daryl shows up and the Alexandrians band together with The Walking Dead’s core group. They ultimately lay waste to all of the Walkers on their land and retake the city.

What fans can take away from that episode of The Walking Dead and apply to episode 10 is that the name of the game is now finding food and other necessities to stay alive. But there are going to be rogue outsiders that will bring a new threat to their community.

Enter Negan.

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