February 15, 2016
Taylor Swift The Target Of Another Stalker -- Will Taylor Move In With Calvin Harris Or Get Better Security?

Taylor Swift was the target of yet another stalker who was camped outside one of her homes on Saturday afternoon. This time around, a man was seen hanging around with his guitar outside Swift's home in Beverly Hills. The man refused to leave when approached by security, and even claimed to have worked with Taylor before. This is the second time in just a few weeks that someone has been arrested while trying to get close to Taylor Swift at one of her homes, and now fans are wondering what the "Shake It Off" singer is going to do in order to keep herself safe. Will Taylor increase her own security, or move in with boyfriend Calvin Harris as previous reports suggest that he wants?

Taylor's new stalker doesn't sound nearly as dangerous as the one removed from another home earlier in February. According to TMZ, this guy just wanted Swift to hear some of his song ideas. He even claimed to have worked with Taylor before, and just wanted to speak to the singer.

It was less than two weeks ago that another man was arrested outside Taylor's house in Bel Air. That time was a bit scarier for the singer, because the man wanted a whole lot more than just to make music. It's unclear if Swift was actually at her house when the prowler was found lurking around outside, but that time, he didn't stay out front. According to the Daily Mail, that man was seen wandering around outside and was in Swift's driveway when police arrived. He was arrested, and law enforcement decided to get the mega-Swift fan a mental check before setting him loose again.

Last year, Swift had to get a restraining order against one of her fans who went way too far. Apparently, the Taylor Swift super-fan went full stalker and sent her hundreds of tweets throughout the year. To make things even more scary, the man claimed to be married to Swift and often ranted about those delusions on social media.

Taylor's boyfriend, Calvin Harris, is not amused by all the attention that Taylor is getting from random men who show up at her doorstep. Naturally, Calvin wants to protect Taylor, and after the last incident, is making a great case for the couple to move in together.

Hollywood Life claims that Calvin has been trying to talk Taylor into moving their relationship to the next step and living together. After the first February stalker to get arrested outside Swift's house, they reported that Harris is putting pressure on Swift to shack up so he can keep an eye on her. "Calvin was very concerned to learn that Taylor could've come to harm," an insider claimed. "He told her the simple solution would be to move in with him, so he can protect her and she won't be in any danger."

They also claimed that Calvin has offered to pay for Taylor to beef up security. That would be a great idea for Swift to at least increase her security team, considering the number of people who are continually trying to get close to her. Given the latest threat, will Taylor, at least, consider moving into Calvin Harris' house? Taylor has been spending a lot of time with her friends lately, since wrapping up the 1989 tour and gearing up for the Grammys. Swift might not be ready to give up that level of independence if she were to shack up with Calvin Harris. Do you think Taylor Swift should take Calvin Harris up on his offer to move in after two men have been arrested outside of two of her houses now? Or should Taylor stick to her guns and just hire more security?

[Photo by Graham Denholm/Getty Images]