TNT Builds First-Ever Real-Time Electromagnet Dot Display Ad To Launch “Perception” [VIDEO]

Manhattan, New York – TNT has built a first of its kind ad experience for pedestrians on the streets of New York in order to garner the attention of viewers for its new crime drama Perception. It is the first-ever real-time electromagnetic dot display advertisement that reacts to your movements.

TNT’s unique attention grabbing ad is a 23×12 foot storefront display made up of 44,000 electromagnetic spinning dots which create moving images that also makes a sound like poker chips shuffling, Ad Weekly reports . The display designed by Breakfast, an agency based out of Brooklyn, is located Manhattan’s Herald Square at 885 6th Ave and 32nd Street.

The one of a kind ad, according to Breakfast, detects movements of those passing by and shows a unique black-and-white reflection of their reactions in real-time. Viewers are able to use their body movement to erase words from the screen which then leaves behind specific clues.

As Mediabistro points out, this animation is meant to recreate the unique ability possessed by Perception‘s crime-solving lead character, played by Eric McCormack, who is able to see hidden meanings in messages using anagrams to help him solve crimes for the FBI.

The team at Breakfast was inspired by the old technology of train-station flip-boards that advised of arrivals and departures. They just tweaked it a bit so that it would operate at a speed 15 times faster than originally designed for.

The display will continue to run 24 hours a day until July 29 and so far has really been drawing a lot of attention.

See the unique ad experience for TNT’s Perception yourself:

[iframe src="" width="560" height="315"]
[iframe src="" width="560" height="315"]