‘Pump Rules’ Star Lala Kent Goes Off On Twitter Followers: ‘You Only Have 4 Followers?!’

Lala Kent is new to Vanderpump Rules this season, and she’s learning that it takes a lot to be in the public eye. Maybe she told James Kennedy too much about her sex life, because he’s been telling everyone that she’s hooking up with other guys and doing explicit things with them. Of course, James is just trying to get with Lala as much as possible, but it isn’t really working. And because of her behavior, Lala has gotten herself a bad reputation. According to a new tweet, Lala Kent is now fighting back against a Twitter follower, who wasn’t pleased with her behavior.

“Damn. The SUR Restaurant employees look fire 2night! I feel honored to be apart of such an incredible & sexy group of ppl. #Love #PumpRules,” Lala tweeted on Twitter, which had some people reply to her.

Some people didn’t think she fit in and one person managed to hit a nerve with Kent.

“[Too] bad you don’t know how to conduct yourself on a live tv show, your performance on WWHL was embarrassing!” one Twitter follower named Karla Guarino replied back Lala Kent. “You’re still talking about that? Damn baby your life is slowww,” Kent replied, hinting that the show happened a while ago and that she had apologized for her outrageous behavior.

Even though Lala apologized for her behavior that night on live television, the follower just wouldn’t let it go.

“No that is just how nasty of an impression your lame ass left, it was also just brought up on a new episode of wwhl! Not just me!” the person wrote, to which Lala replied, “You’re welcome. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours. Now snapchat me that pink, baby. F*ck you only have 4 followers?! Why am I paying you the time of day!? My bad, falicia.”

“I have real life friends I don’t usually tweet only to major fucking dip s**ts like yourself consider yourself blessed,” Karla replied.

She continued to leave some tweets for Lala, who ignored them all.

Of course, Lala Kent will have more followers than most because of her role on Vanderpump Rules. Her controversial lie about being flown to Italy for a modeling shoot when she was first hired got her plenty of attention. Katie Maloney and Scheana Shay questioned her story, and they hinted that she was being paid to be an accessory to older men – and possibly being paid for much more. Lala broke down and admitted that she had lied, adding that she wasn’t trading sex for money.

As for the controversial appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Kent has apologized for her behavior. Lala was caught swearing several times, and she has blamed alcohol. Not only did Andy Cohen tell her to behave, but viewers also shared their opinions on social media. But after her appearance, Lala Kent apologized for her behavior.

“I’m so sorry for my potty mouth Andy. Thank you so much for having me. & thank u 2 my supporters. U keep me breathing. #iloveyou,” Lala revealed on Twitter last month, according to Starpulse, adding later, “Last night I was a bit tipsy on Watch What Happens Live and I am beyond embarrassed. I got caught up and I was extremely nervous. It was a lesson learned.”

Andy Cohen may have acknowledged the behavior, but he may not be eager to invite her back to Watch What Happens Live. Her co-stars have also slammed her behavior, calling her rude and irresponsible.

What do you think of Lala Kent’s behavior? Do you think she thinks highly of herself based on her Twitter followers, or do you think that she should take the advice of her followers and watch her behavior?

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