Today’s 80s remake is presented by Alien Nation

The Sci-Fi channel is remaking 80s television series Alien Nation.

The original series (which was loosely based on the movie of the same name) aired on Fox for one season in 1988-89 before being cut due to funding issues. The series was popular though, and a number of made for television specials were produced during the 1990’s.

Fox 21 head Chris Carlisle (Fox is producing the show) told Variety that he believed Alien Nation could be the next big franchise revival for Sci Fi. “It’s absolute perfect timing for this type of show,” Carlisle said. “They’re looking for more grounded sci-fi and close-ended episodes, and at the heart of ‘Alien Nation,’ it’s a cop movie. It’s grounded. And it has a tremendous amount of dramatic possibilities and humor.”