‘The 100’ Spoilers Episode 5: Season 3 Intensifies With ‘Hakeldama’ [Video]

The 100 Season 3 on the CW has been flowing along nicely with interesting twists and turns. That will also be the case with Episode 5, titled “Hakeldama.” Suffice it to say, there is always a defeat with every victory on the show.

In the next episode of The 100, Clarke has to untie her happy face for a just a little longer and deal with the new threat that is coming her way, according to TV Guide. What is the new threat, you might ask? Well, if you remember from the last episode, the Arkadia people are still stewing over the loss of Mount Weather and the clan does not accept the peace treaty and subsequent merger as the 13th clan of Grounders.

According to Entertainment Weekly, there is no place like home when it comes to a nice battle to the death.

In the last episode of The 100, Queen Nia of the Ice Nation is now under review by the clans and she calls for a vote of no confidence. The simple fact is, she cannot be removed unless she dies or has the vote, which will result in a duel between them.

If there is one thing that Lexa knows how to do well, that is to lay a beat down on someone who deserves it the most. She may be a Grounder leader, but she is also a warrior and the prospect of facing Nia’s son Roan on the battle floor has many people wondering what might happen next.

It certainly wouldn’t be The 100 if the battle did not play out, either. Although Clarke can clearly see that Roan does not have any interest in joining his mother as a hero, he will not kill her. But, when they rendezvous in secret, he does reveal that he will help Clarke kill her.

Clarke is essentially the Wanheda, or what the Grounders of The 100 believe to be someone who has inherited the strength of the victims she has killed. Following the events of Season 2 of The 100, she is definitely the one who possesses those endowments, whether she likes it or not.

It seems as though Clarke’s skepticism over Lexa being able to come out victorious over Roan was also a mistake as well. Not only was she able to defeat him, but she manhandled him throughout the spar.

There was a moment in The 100 that fans of the show really love. The moment that shows women in this post-apocalyptic world are not bound by the chains of modern society and they did not have to adhere to today’s established norms. They could be tough, fierce and downright menacing if they wanted to be.

It also proved that Lexa is a warrior on the skin but just as emphatic for a greater good in the end. Instead of delivering the death blow to Roan, who was being taunted by his mother near the end, she delivered it to Nia and anointed a new king of the Ice Nation. As it turns out, peace now has a real shot within the world of The 100.

It also turns out that Clarke has made a decision on whom her heart belongs to as well. But back with Bellamy, the new threat is only growing and he joins (sort of) Pike in the new uprising against the Grounders. The war between the Sky People and the Grounders lay on the horizon, unknown to Clarke.

In Episode 5 of The 100, Clarke is going to find out. Fans will also see that Raven will have her own issues to deal with when she becomes a target.

[Image via The CW]