‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6, Episode 10 Spoilers: Gay Jesus Coming In ‘The Next World’? [Video]

Boy, did audiences get any eyeful tonight (pun completely intended). Thanks to Ron and Carl, The Walking Dead Season 6 started out with a bang, but TWD spoilers are indicating episode 10, “The Next World,” should shake things up a bit more. Not only do we have Negan and The Saviors to look forward to in the future, but there will also be a gay Jesus!

[Warning: There are some Walking Dead spoilers ahead]

In Rob Kirkman’s graphic novels, issue 91 of The Walking Dead introduced a TWD character named Paul Monroe, but he is more commonly known by the nickname Jesus. Part of the reason we know that Jesus is coming soon to the apocalypse is because of all the intense speculation involving Glenn Rhee’s “death scene” that had everyone freaking out. During this time period, Steven Yeun’s character was spotted still alive while filming future episodes, and he happened to be standing next to an actor who looked very similar to the comic book version of Jesus.

The second big hint is the name of the episode itself: “The Next World.” The title of Volume 16 of Kirkman’s graphic novels is named “A Larger World,” which also happens to be the tagline for the recent photos and posters teasing the upcoming episode next week.

AMC has already released a sneak peak of the Walking Dead video for the episode, which you can check out below.


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Presumably, Rick and Daryl will run into the new Walking Dead character Paul Monroe while they are making this “goldmine” supply run. As a result, the main characters will be introduced to Hilltop Colony and its leader named Gregory. Actor Xander Berkeley will be playing Gregory, and according to TWD showrunner Scott Gimple, the Hilltop leader will be “torn from the pages of the book.”

“If anybody looks at a picture of Gregory and looks at a picture of Xander — when Xander has a beard, that is, because the man is a chameleon — it’s rather uncanny. And I, I love what Xander does with it, and the voice I was hearing in my head when I read those pages so long ago comes to life,” Gimple told EW. “Gregory is one of the more interesting and more complicated characters from the book, and I think Xander has a lot of fun with him.”

Gimple describes the Hilltop Colony as having “had a completely different path than Alexandria or Rick’s group. It’s just a whole different experience of the Apocalypse and that has resulted in a very, very different place than Alexandria.” Otherwise, the showrunner is not willing to provide too many spoilers, but he does admit there will be “little remixes here and there that hopefully will provide a little bit of surprise for comics readers.”

Tom Payne Jesus Walking Dead
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We also know that Robert Kirkman will be going out of his way to make sure audiences know that the Walking Dead has a gay Jesus character.

“In my opinion there should be more awesome gay people in fiction because there are plenty of awesome gay people in real life. I want Jesus to be a character where his sexuality is as unimportant as Rick or other heterosexual characters,” explained Kirkman. “So we won’t focus on it constantly and it won’t be the focus of any big storylines for him… but he’ll make it with a dude every now and then… before going out and drop kicking zombies. He’s one of my current favorite characters.”

This should mean the character will be controversial if only because of the nickname. Paul Monroe is a popular character for the graphic novel fans, but it’ll be interesting to see how TV audiences will handle seeing a gay Jesus.

[Image via The Walking Dead Comics]