Jessica Simpson Trying to Lose Baby Weight

Throughout the duration of Jessica Simpson’s pregnancy, the singer received quite the bit of criticism over her 40 lb weight gain. The media, strangers on social networking, even Joy Behar got in on the bashing. Many articles questioned what a healthy weight gain was during a pregnancy, and if she’s the picture of what’s wrong with pregnant women’s weight woes.

During the pregnancy with daughter Maxwell Drew, she was confident with her weight gain, posing nude in Elle magazine, and even being open enough to talk comfortably about her weight gain. At one point Simpson said, “Eating and not worrying too much about it has been fun, but I’m ready to have my body back.”

It looks like those words still hold true, because now according to close friends of Jessica Simpson, she’s desperate to shed the pounds to get her body back that once had her displaying herself in daisy dukes.

Jessica told PEOPLE about her decision to be healthy about losing her weight, saying, “For me, I really want to do something that is a lifestyle. In the past I’ve been known to yo-yo diet.” So what did Simpson do? Well, she decided to join Weight Watchers, the program that helped singer and actress Jennifer Hudson shed pounds.

According to a friend, even though Simpson is eager about shedding the weight, Jessica does know the dangers about losing too much too soon, “She understands it’s a process and is working very hard and she’s excited.” Behind her 100 percent is Weight Watchers, who’s spokesperson spoke to PEOPLE about Jessica’s decision to use their diet plan, saying, “We’re with her 100 percent as she develops a whole new relationship with food and activity.”

Good luck to Jessica Simpson!

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