‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Deacon Blows Quinn’s Plans–Steffy Learns Liam Was Kidnapped And Blames Wyatt?

Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) spoilers tease a massive shakeup is in the works on the CBS daytime drama. The worst part of it, it looks like Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) will ultimately pay for Quinn (Rena Sofer) kidnapping and lying to Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton). Of course, Wyatt doesn’t know anything about his mother’s actions; however, it appears that they could be working together so you can bet money he’ll be ousted right alongside Quinn.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers revealed that Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan) would return to the soap opera with a front burner storyline, according to Soap Central. So far, he has only been seen on the show once, and that was when he reached out to Quinn to sign their annulment papers. He was shocked to see what his estranged wife had been doing and told her that this thing with Liam will end very badly for her. Deacon was hoping to snap her out of the madness; however, all it did was encourage her to keep Liam out of Wyatt’s way.

Bold and the Beautiful showed that Quinn’s original motive was not all wrong. She wanted Wyatt and Steffy (Jacqueline McInnes Wood) to spend time together to fall possibly in love. She felt that her son always got sloppy seconds, and wanted Steffy to see firsthand how her life could be with Wyatt. Steffy admitted that with Wyatt she can be herself, and felt at ease with him; however, is that enough to build a life together?

As of right now, Deacon kept his promise and hadn’t told anyone about Quinn’s kidnapping situation. He warned her that it wouldn’t end well for her, and she needs to get Liam medical treatment because he didn’t look well. Quinin refused. She is unable to admit it, but according to Bold and the Beautiful spoilers Quinn has fallen in love with Liam.

Eventually, Quinn’s little secret will come out, and everyone will know that she held Liam captive, lied to him and told him they were married, and refused to take him to the hospital for treatment. Even if Deacon doesn’t come forward, at some point, Wyatt will discover the trouble his mother has landed in.

The sad truth of the situation is that Wyatt will be blamed for the incident. Steffy will wonder if he knew about Liam’s kidnapping all along. It seems likely that Steffy will accuse him of being in a scam with his mother to kidnap Liam so that he could get closer to her. It certainly looks like that could have been the case, even though, the Bold and the Beautiful audience knows that Wyatt is entirely innocent in the matter.

Soap Opera Digest reported that on Monday’s episode, Quinn will slip and call him Liam instead of Adam. The slip up causes Liam to wonder if there something he doesn’t know about his “wife” and prompts Liam to look around the cabin while Quinn sleeps. He is starting to see through some of her lies and feels like there is someone he is forgetting–and what he doesn’t remember, there is, Steffy.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that it won’t be long until Steffy finds out about Wyatt kidnapping. The real question is when Liam sees Steffy, will he remember her, or will he still believe he is married to Quinn? Once Liam remembers who he is and that he was never married or involved with Quinn, he will have to come to terms with his role in this whole mess. If Liam had come clean with Wyatt about Ivy’s (Ashleigh Brewer) advances from the start, this whole mess would not have happened.

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