‘The Bachelor’ Week 7 Spoilers: Ben Dumps Two Girls In Indiana, Which Four Girls Head To Hometown Dates?

The Bachelor Ben Higgins journey to find love is coming to an end with the final rose ceremony just weeks away. On Monday night, Ben and his six remaining girls head to his hometown of Warsaw, Indiana, and it’s an extremely important week for everyone.

This week’s rose ceremony (Week 7, February 15) will determine which four girls head to the much-anticipated hometown dates (Week 8, February 22).

Who will go on the one-on-one dates with Ben on Monday night, and who will go home and miss out on the hometown dates? Here are the latest spoilers for Episode 7, but fans will want to tune in to watch on The Bachelor on ABC Monday night — with Olivia gone, there might not be as much drama, but the emotions will be running high as Ben narrows down his choices.

On Monday night, Ben and his six remaining girls will head to his hometown of Warsaw, Indiana. Back in October, the Ink Free News reported that filming for the show would take place in Warsaw, and certain streets would be closed on October 25 and 26.

Several Bachelor fans headed to the location and shared pictures (below) of Ben on dates with Lauren Bushnell and Amanda Stanton — so it appeared that both Lauren and Amanda got the one-on-one dates. However, it turns out that the time Amanda spent with Ben was part of a group date with Caila and Becca.

According to Reality Steve, the one-on-one dates went to Lauren Bushnell and JoJo Fletcher. In addition to their dates, the remaining twin, Emily Ferguson, was picked to spend time alone with Ben, but it didn’t turn out exactly the way she planned.

Instead of Ben taking Emily on an over-the-top date that fans are used to seeing with one-on-ones, he simply took her to meet his parents. Normally, that’s a good sign, but perhaps Ben needed validation from his parents as to whether he should keep Emily or let her go. Spoilers indicate that although she was excited to meet Mr. and Mrs. Higgins, she won’t be getting the final rose this season — Ben sent her home after their mini-date.

Lauren Bushnell’s date turned out to be much better than Emily’s — she spent the day with Ben and met his friends at a local bar — Rex’s Rendezvous.

Anyone having a flashback to Chris Soules’ season with this one? First, the hot air balloon date with Amanda (even Chris commented on Twitter about the copycat date from his season), and now a date meeting friends, just like Chris and Whitney did when she landed the one-on-one in Iowa last season. Copycat date or not, it’s all good news for Lauren B. — she gets a rose and moves on to hometowns.

JoJo Stanton also gets a hometown date, and ABC has been teasing the date all week. Apparently, Ben is a big Chicago Cubs fan, so they take over the stadium wearing Mr. and Mrs. Higgins’ shirts. Awww.

JoJo’s a winner once again — she gets a rose and will get a chance to introduce Ben to her family on next week’s hometowns.

There’s one group date rose available on Week 7, and Amanda Stanton wins the rose, leaving Caila Quinn and Becca Tilley wondering if which girl will go home at the rose ceremony.

Amanda gets to attend a carnival on the streets of Warsaw, and photos snapped by onlookers show that she had a fabulous time with Ben. Getting the group date rose is extra-special — spoilers indicate that Amanda will introduce her two young daughters to Ben next week during her hometown date.

The Week 7 rose ceremony will be an emotional one, at least for Ben. ABC’s preview of Monday night’s episode (video below — scroll ahead to the 15-second mark to watch) shows Ben walking away from the rose ceremony to compose himself. If Reality Steve‘s spoilers are correct, Caila got the rose and Ben sent Becca Tilley home at the rose ceremony.

Ben’s final four girls are Lauren B., JoJo, Amanda, and Caila — the girls will spend time in their hometowns with Ben on the episode that airs February 22. One girl will get her heart broken, and three will head to the overnight dates in Jamaica on Week 9 (February 29).

Are you surprised that Ben eliminated Becca before hometowns?

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