Kanye West’s ‘The Life Of Pablo’ Album Reviews Are Mostly Good Despite Offending Taylor Swift, Dissing Ray J, Pink, And Possibly Even Drake

Kanye West has definitely ruffled a lot of feathers with his recent release of The Life of Pablo. Despite dissing many other artists in the lyrics of his latest offering, some are suggesting that Kanye might actually have a winner on his hands. Is it possible that Kanye West could have been right when he claimed his latest album is, at least, one of the greatest of all time?

A new Kanye West album review from Hollywood Life says that The Life of Pablo is a “work of art.” The review claims that Kanye’s latest release is exactly what Yeezy fans have been hoping for. Even though West is getting criticized pretty heavily for lyrics about Taylor Swift, many are applauding the controversial rapper for putting his truth out there, whether others buy into it or not.

Kanye renamed his album three times before finally releasing it. First called So Help Me God, Kanye worked away tirelessly at his newest offering before announcing that the title of his album would be temporarily changed to SWISH. West referred to his upcoming album release as SWISH for months before dropping a huge bomb on Twitter. It was when Kanye announced that he would call his newest work Waves that other rappers freaked out.

Wiz Khalifa had the biggest meltdown over Kanye West, even considering calling his new album Waves just two weeks before the album was set to drop. That turned into a huge Twitter war that was mostly instigating by Kanye when he mistook Khalifa’s common sign off of “KK” to be a diss at Kanye’s wife, Kim Kardashian. Kanye was forced to do a lot of backtracking after realizing that in a hot-headed moment, he should have done a bit of research first rather than pop off back at Wiz. The scuffle did earn a bit of media attention for Max B, the incarcerated rapper who really did originate the wave style of rapping.

Kanye opted not to use Waves, possibly after he realized that other respected rappers would continue to tear him down for the supposed Max B diss. Instead, Kanye opted to send his respect to Max B and admit that was one of his predecessors and someone worthy even of his respect. It wasn’t until right at the last moment that we learned Kanye titled his new album The Life of Pablo.

With all the criticism about Kanye West’s new album, here are the things we like and that aren’t being mentioned because the Taylor Swift drama has overshadowed everything else. Kanye wrote a song dedicated to his dad, and it’s the very first track. He even admitted that he cried when writing “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1.”

It’s not really clear if Kanye is taking shots at Ray J in the song “Highlights” or if he’s giving the other rapper props. He wrote, “I bet me and Ray J would be friends / If we ain’t love the same b***h.” There he goes with that B word again. Kanye swears it’s a term of endearment and considering how much he loves Kim Kardashian, in this instance, it probably is just that. Will Ray J and Kanye make nice and possibly even work together in the future? That would be a huge move for both men, who seem more wrapped up in Kim K. than their own rap careers.

In “Real Friends,” Kanye raps about how others use him to get ahead themselves. There is possibly a Drake diss in there, but we’re not sure yet. Then again, Kanye was pretty clear that his “Yeezy jumped over Jumpman” lyrics were not directed at Drake, who also has a Jumpman song of his own.

All-in-all, The Life of Pablo is a pretty solid record. Kanye West did put his heart and soul into the album, even if many celebs and Swift fans are upset that he dared to discuss his run-ins with her in “Famous.” And just to clear things up, Kanye did not make Taylor famous in any right. Can we chalk all that up to artistic expression, since he wouldn’t have sex with Swift anyway right? Kim Kardashian certainly wouldn’t approve of that.

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