Stephen Lang As Cable? ‘Avatar’ Actor Uses Twitter To Campaign For ‘Deadpool 2’ Role

Should actor Stephen Lang play Cable in the Deadpool sequel?

According to Stephen, the answer to that question should be a resounding “YES!”

The 63-year-old actor made it clear that he wants to join the Deadpool cast for the recently confirmed sequel, using his muscular physique and undeniable resemblance to play Cable.

Lang even went as far as using Twitter to apparently campaign for the role — showing off his muscles in addition to re-tweeted comments from fans and followers that agree with him.

In two particular gym shots, Stephen Lang shows off his muscle in a close-up shot with a caption that could easily pass for a campaign statement or tagline addressed to his fans and anyone else that agree with this proposed casting decision.

“Let’s lay some CABLE. You know I want it. This is pre-training. Thanks for spreading the word… Shakespeare: CABLEs of perdurable toughness. Slang: Just staying fit. Training another story. Let’s go!”

The Avatar actor took things one step further by posting and re-tweeting a series of fan-made drawings and photos that either feature Stephen Lang as Cable or focus on the similarities shared between the two of them.

Perhaps the biggest highlight from Stephen Lang’s acting career that lines him up with Cable was his role in the 2009 James Cameron-directed film, Avatar.

In the box-office hit movie, Lang played Col. Miles Quaritch — the villainous Colonel that refused to let any human, alien, or tree stand in the way when it came to completing his mission.

It would be easy to classify Stephen Lang’s character as the bad guy and villain of the film. However, according to Lang, that is not the case at all. He was just a soldier determined to do his job and complete his mission — a point that he emphasized during a December, 2009, interview with the Los Angeles Times.

“I didn’t play a villain; I played a man who is doing his job the best way that he can. He makes choices. Quaritch has cauterized some aspects of his own soul. Dirty wars have numbed his psyche and spirit. But I did not go at him as a villain… Quaritch is number-orientated, he’s very squared away and there’s nothing raggedy about him at all. He is in a constant state of code red.”

Director James Cameron reportedly chose Stephen Lang to play the Colonel after he delivered an intense audition. While reading his lines for a scene, Lang apparently pounced on the production assistant unexpectedly. According to the report, Cameron confirmed that Lang “grabbed him by the head and he pretty much got the job right there.”

Even though Quaritch failed at the very end of the movie, no one can say that he didn’t go down without a fight.

That overall macho, no-foolishness-accepted attitude was driven home in the minds of all moviegoers solely because of how well Stephen Lang portrayed that character on the big-screen. Whether he was fighting in a machine, shooting a handgun at a jet in flight, or staring down his ally-turned-enemy, Stephen Lang went above and beyond to deliver a stellar performance as the film’s antagonist.

Chances are that, if he was selected to play Cable in the Deadpool sequel, Stephen Lang would still successfully be able to bring that same fire and conviction to his performance alongside Ryan Reynolds.

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