Selena Gomez Backs Taylor Swift On Kanye West Feud — A Brief History Of Their Friendship

Selena Gomez stood firmly by her friend Taylor Swift’s side when she needed her the most. Gomez has firmly backed Taylor Swift in her high-profile feud with Kanye West. She told SiriusXM that “Everybody has their own opinion. At the end of the day, you can just do what you do. She’s killing it and she kind of always has been,” Hollywood Life has reported.

Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez became friends back in 2008 when the both of them were dating the Jonas Brothers. Selena went as far as to say that Taylor is her “sister,” MTV has reported.

Selena had also told the Herald Sun that they clicked instantly, and became “best friends.”

The two besties also made their red carpet appearance together at the premiere of Another Cinderella Story. Selena discussed how they met when they were still very young, and that had been with each other through rough times. “We met when she was 18. I was 15 or 16. She was so great to me. Then we became best friends. She would fly out to see me when I was going through something really hard. We’d eat a lot of fattening food and vent,” she said.

“I learnt a lot from her. She’s an amazing musician,” she said. “Everything I go through or say is filtered through her eyes and vision,” she added.

She went on to say that the most endearing thing about Taylor Swift was that she “focuses on all the positive things.”

Selena has also been seen wishing Swift on her birthday, showering her BFF love on her.

Taylor Swift reportedly got a temporary tattoo of a Selena Gomez song. The tattoo read “you’ve got every right to a beautiful life.” In November, 2011, the two also came together on stage for the very first time at the Speak Now Tour.

Taylor Swift wished her friend in a cute tweet in 2013. The two have repeatedly been seen together in public.

Selena Gomez was seen promoting Taylor Swift’s album, 1989. The caption on her Instagram post said: “From hotel room album listening parties, kitchen dance floor album listening parties to driving on the pch, windows down album listening parties. -The best part is we were the only ones there. Each time. So happy, honored and proud to know you and your diaries.”

The news of their friendship has been mentioned in the media one too many times.

“Taylor is all about Selena and being friends with her now that Selena is finally starting to walk away from Justin and not letting him control her world. As we all know, Taylor hates Justin and loves that Selena is choosing Taylor’s advice over getting back with Justin because it looks like this time it will actually stick,” Hollywood Life reported.

Taylor Swift had also posted the photo of the two of them hugging each other in the picture at an award show. The photo said: “The rest of the world was black and white, but we were in screaming color.”

A picture of the seating arrangement at the Grammys was doing the rounds, which should that the two friends are slotted to sit together.

Well, it’s true that mostly sit together at most award shows, this year’s Grammys are no different. Most recently, Selena Gomez came to Taylor Swift’s rescue after Kanye West was attacked by several celebrities for “misogynistic” lyrics that were targeted at Swift. “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / Why, I made that b***h famous / G*****n / I made that bitch famous,” he rapped on the song, E! Online reported.

It looks like Selena Gomez is not going anywhere, and will back her friend.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]