Lady Gaga Preps For David Bowie Tribute

Lady Gaga is a true artist in the music world, which means she has an appreciation of the late David Bowie that perhaps few others can truly grasp. For this reason, Lady Gaga is scheduled to perform a tribute to Bowie at the Grammy Awards. According to the New York Times, speculation of how Bowie would be honored at the awards show began right after his death.

Apparently, Lady Gaga was already booked to perform at the Grammys prior to Bowie’s death and when he passed, producer Ken Ehrlich spoke with Lady Gaga and her manager about making her performance a tribute to Bowie, which will cover three or four of his songs. Ehrlich said he had been contacted by a number of artists who wanted to pay tribute to Bowie, some of whom might have been good choices.

“… some of whom might have made sense; the vast majority didn’t.”

Billboard reported that in a podcast interview with the Hollywood Reporter just prior to Bowie’s death, Lady Gaga spoke of her fondness for the musician.

“When I fell in love with David Bowie, when I was living on the Lower East Side, I always felt that his glamor was something he was using to express a message to people that was very healing for their souls. He is a true, true artist and I don’t know if I ever went, ‘Oh, I’m going to be that way like this,’ or if I arrived upon it slowly, realizing it was my calling and that’s what drew me to him.”

She also spoke of what makes a musician a truly great artist, referring to Bowie and what she tries to achieve.

“I just know that you can use the theater of your imagination to entertain people beyond their wildest dreams and then you can put something inside of that that changes the world, and that to me is when you make something truly great as an artist.”

A tribute to David Bowie is certainly an honor, but Lady Gaga had another honor recently. Billboard reports that Lady Gaga performed the National Anthem at the Super Bowl last weekend.

With the Bowie tribute, the Super Bowl appearance, and the Academy Award nomination for her song “Til It Happens To You,” Lady Gaga is having quite a month. But now it appears the wedding bells in her future might be ringing in Italy. Taylor Kinney proposed to Lady Gaga last Valentine’s Day.

Page Six now reports that a source revealed Lady Gaga wants to celebrate her Italian heritage, so they are looking at possible wedding venues in Italy.

“She wants to celebrate her heritage, so they’re looking at places in the Italian countryside. She wants a big Italian wedding. They’re still enjoying their engagement, so they have to figure out the right time to do it. They’re not fully planning yet.”

Apparently, although Versace is definitely in consideration, Lady Gaga has not yet decided who will design her wedding gown. The source said the venue will help determine the gown.

“The venue is going to inspire the dress, so she has to lock that in first. It’ll make her figure out what the dress will be and who will make it.”

As for what Lady Gaga said about her wedding gown, Lancaster Online reports that that what she chooses will be for her man.

“It will be totally for Taylor. It’s all about my man. I haven’t really thought about anything specific yet but whatever it is, it will be totally for him.”

Wishing you well, Lady Gaga!

[Photo by Alison Buck/Getty Images]