Tom Cruise And Suri Run Red Lights During ‘High Speed’ Chase By Paparazzi In New York

Tom Cruise and Suri were engaged in a high-speed chase when tailed by paparazzi in New York City earlier today. The man driving Cruise and his daughter allegedly blasted through a red light to avoid a “swarm of paparazzi” while transporting the actor and Suri a heliport, The New York Daily News reports. Tom Cruise and Suri were traveling through Manhattan’s West Side when they were spotted by paparazzi eager for a photo and attempted to avert them by ignoring “a half-dozen” red lights. Just two days ago Suri was in a minor car accident while traveling with her mother Katie Holmes.

Cruise was leaving The Greenwich hotel in a black Chevy suburban to reach a heliport on 12th Avenue and West 29th Street when he and Suri were spotted by paparazzi. The New York Daily News reports that six bicycles and motorcycles and at least 10 cars followed Tom Cruise on a 20-minute chase to the heliport. Several “near-accidents” and a police stop of one van occurred while paparazzi tailed Cruise and Suri.

Little Suri was wrapped inside a pink blanket and clutching a stuffed sheep when she and Cruise left The Greenwich from a side door around noon. Photographers were already waiting behind police barricades before Tom Cruise and his daughter left the New York City hotel. Cruise’s driver allegedly blew through red lights for several blocks before pulling into the heliport which is surrounded by a privacy fence. The black Chevy suburban carrying Tom Cruise exceeded speeds of 55 mph on streets with a 25 mph speed limit.

Suri reportedly was sporting a “Speed Racer” temporary tattoo on her left ankle. The helicopter flew Tom Cruise and Suri in the direction of New Jersey.