Ben Higgins Defends Olivia Caridi As She Tells Haters Thank You

Olivia Caridi was sent home last week on The Bachelor, but that doesn’t mean that Ben Higgins thinks the worst of her. The two just weren’t meant to be, but now Ben Higgins is defending her against haters. Wet Paint shared what Higgins had to say about Olivia. He doesn’t think she is near as bad as the people watching The Bachelor seem to think about her.

Ben Higgins was asked about it all by ET Online while at Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert’s wedding. Ben got the chance to go to this big wedding, which will air on ABC on Sunday night. Ben didn’t hold anything back on his thoughts about Olivia.

“You are in a relationship, right? If I am offering a rose on that first evening, that’s kind of saying, ‘Yeah, let’s start this relationship.’ No matter how it looks or how long it lasts, on that first night, we’re starting something and I think the best word to describe it is a ‘relationship.'”

Olivia Caridi was actually offered the first impression rose on night one by Ben Higgins and she accepted. The two really did hit it off and got along well. It turns out that they were not a good match, but that doesn’t mean that Higgins doesn’t think highly of her.

People shared that Olivia Caridi doesn’t really need Ben Higgins to stand up for her though. She is defending herself against the haters and has a lot to say. Ben being on her side is just an added bonus. Olivia actually went to her Instagram page after Ben Higgins sent her home and spoke out against the haters thanking them for making her a stronger person. Olivia also teased that her friend had to get a kayak and come pick her up after Ben Higgins left her behind on the two-on-one date. Of course, the show helped her out, but it is great to see that she has humor in the situation. Olivia said that after Ben left, she caught fish in her hands for days. After that, she went on to talk about the haters.

“But for real — thank you to the lovers and supporters, both friends and strangers, who have reached out. I am eternally grateful. For the haters, you’ve made me stronger than ever before. The girls on this show see your comments and they have feelings. Think twice before sending an insensitive message. Words hurt, and they kill, too. Don’t be mean behind the screen. #AntiBullyingMonth”

Olivia went on to say that on her journey with Ben Higgins she learned a lot about herself. She thinks it is okay to be imperfect and flawed. Ben Higgins seems to have nothing bad to say about Olivia even though the two didn’t work out in the end on The Bachelor. A lot of people go on from the show and find love after learning a lot about themselves. Olivia could just end up being one of those people. Everyone will have to watch and see if Ben Higgins was able to find love on the show, but so far it is looking good for him.

Are you surprised to hear that Ben Higgins is defending his relationship with Olivia Caridi? Do you think that Ben did the right thing by sending her home? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss Ben Higgins try to find love on Monday nights on The Bachelor 2016 on ABC. You can also catch him at Jade and Tanner’s wedding on Sunday night on Valentine’s Day.

[Image Via Instagram]